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Lincoln Courier (blog): Zero Waste: Could Your Household Be The Biggest Loser?

5) Do you make use of grassroots recycling programs such as Freecycle to give away items that still have use or value but are unwanted by your family?

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The Next Web (blog): 5 ways to declutter your life and give your stuff away for free

Long-time gifters know that Craiglist’s “Free” board and the nearest chapter of Freecycle are fast and easy ways to get rid of your stuff locally, and keeping items in the community tightens your neighborhood network. Posting on Craigslist is simple, it allows for listing lots of items in one post and will usually yield quick and numerous responses. Freecycle requires a moderator to sign you up through an email account, and then you can post “offers” for your items on the local forums. For a more updated experience, try GiftFlow, which adds a social network element to the gifting process. Unlike the other sites, you create a user profile, which means you can post what you have and what you want while acquiring a user history; this helps when you are meeting a stranger for the handoff.

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theLoop (blog): For Earth Day, Dump Your Old Electronics the Green Way

If you want to donate instead, visit Westchester,, Goodwill, National Cristina Foundation, Recycling for Charities, Sharing is Giving, or that old standby, The Salvation Army.

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G-Online (blog): Moving green

As the coordinator of an office move, I certainly discovered some great ways to lessen our impact on the environment by reusing, freecycling and donating some of the things we could no longer use.

Planet Ark recently consolidated our two offices into one. The city team moved from a small office on Level 2 of our Circular Quay building and created a new home for staff from our Blue Mountains office to join us. It took a bit of planning, but being a green organisation, we wanted to ensure we took the time for the 3Rs… reduce, reuse, and recycle!

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We are called Milwaukee Freecycle and can be found at:

Milwaukee, Freecycle is an on-line forum that serves as a tool to make connections between community members who want to help each other, themselves, and their environment. In a disposable society where many items are discarded long before they have actually outlived their use, The Freecycle Group helps people who have things they no longer use or want and connects them with people who want them but don’t have them.

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AARP News: Music to My Ears: “I Got It for FREE!”

Don’t forget about The Freecycle Network, either. That’s a worldwide network of community based groups that’s dedicated to keeping good stuff out of landfills by helping people give unwanted items to people who can use them.

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In the summertime, it helps to use a lot of smaller tubs rather than one big one, that way they’re easier to dump and scrub. Mom uses the empty plastic tubs our mineral licks come in as water tubs—they’re the perfect size for sheep and goats. Bigger mineral tubs work for horses and cows. If you don’t have any, join your local Freecycle list and ask for unwanted tubs. Farmers are glad to give them to people who can use them.

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The Barrie Advance: Too Much Stuff

WASAGA BEACH – Zero Waste Simcoe is hosting a Too Much Stuff public meeting on Thursday, Sept. 22 when Ronnie Stanley from Freecycle Midland will speak about the international re-use movement.

Inspired by the Story of Stuff, Stanley is an expert on re-use, having recycled houses, cars, clothes, furniture and gifts. Stanley’s presentation will provide background on her group’s philosophy of saving the earth one gift at a time and highlight activities of the International Freecycle organization.

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Plainfield Patch: Blog: Options Make Reducing, Reusing Easier

Have you noticed the number of resale stores have increased? Habitat For Humanity, Salvation Army, Goodwill and even resale designer clothing stores.

There is a terrific national organization called The Freecycle Network with local affiliates nearby where you can post an item online to be given away — or find something you’re looking for — for free. This is one of the best kept secrets around but maybe not for long. You’ll find it at

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Kawartha Media Group: Repair job update

Luckily, my husband had scored a couple of boxes of scraps and nasty fabrics from in July so I dug into it. Coincidentally, it had pieces of cotton from the same era as the quilt. I was in luck.

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