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The Globe and Mail: Secondhand shopping? This edible spoon maker is one of many treasures you can buy at a discount

Also check out to see if it’s available in your city. On Freecycle, people give away things they don’t need any longer.

Some useful stuff listed along with the spoon maker included a food processor, never used, and a hardly worn ski/snowboarding jacket. Looking for used baby gear? Kijiji offers 20 categories of baby items. Need furniture? Karrot offers couches, tables, dressers and more to residents of B.C., Alberta and Ontario. If you’re open to something more whimsical, there’s the corner of the secondhand market where the Edible Spoon Maker exists.

Hamilton Spectator: Nov. 30: Dealing with our stuff, disappointed in Walkom, rights for killers and other letters

Dealing with excess ‘stuff’

Jean Mayo asked, “Do we really need to keep on accumulating?” can provide a practical and soul-satisfying alternative for stuff you don’t need any more, rather than tossing it out — and stuff you could have for free, instead of buying it. Hamilton’s active group currently has posts offering track lights, Christmas lights, a vacuum cleaner, Christmas decorations, and a craft table, to give you some examples. Everything is offered for free. There are groups all over the world, exchanging usable goods and extending their useful life. The site is free to join and participate. You might be surprised by what’s on offer and what you might be able to contribute.

Eminetra Canada: How to get lots of free-moving boxes

Free cycle. Freecycle is a non-profit organization of over 5,000 local town groups for those who are trying to provide (and acquire) things for free to keep them out of landfills. To access the post, you need to sign up for a free account on that website. After signing up, just search for the item you’re looking for in the Search tab.In this case, “free box” —When You will see a list of everyone in your area trying to offload cardboard.. Once you’ve found a match, all you have to do is set a time to reply to the post and collect the boxes, and you’re good to go.

Hamilton Spectator: Jan. 1: Pay nurses properly, declutter with Hamilton’s active Freecycle group and other letters

On decluttering

Regarding the article headlined ‘Clearing the way for clutter-free holidays’ (Dec. 24): Hamilton has an active Freecycle group, part of the worldwide non-profit, which accepts offers of usable household goods to members. Freecycle is free to join, and all items offered must be free. Membership is free, too. If you have clutter too good for the landfill, chances are that a Freecycle member will be happy to pick it up off your porch and give it a new home. Check out to see how it all works.

Random Length My Recycled Life: Freecycle in Your Neighborhood

When I moved into my mother’s house, supplies for multiple cats were cramming available space and I only needed enough for two cats. I used to find people who wanted the extra beds, scratching posts, litter pans, toys, and carriers. I was already a long-time user of the site. I continue to use it for oddball items that occupy a twilight zone between too usable to trash, but too junky or bulky or simply not in demand for resale outlets. How to start a garden on a $50 budget

Indoor furniture can be used outside, weather permitting. Statues can be crafted from driftwood, stacked stones can make shapes between plants. Large rocks and thicker tree branches make excellent garden edging.

Edmonton Freecycle can be a goldmine for additions to the garden, including plants, organic fertilizers, furniture and topsoil.

Regardless what size your space is, consider splitting it up into different zones or outdoor rooms that have different functions or seating.

Collingwood Today: Eco tip: consider recycling and reusing over retail therapy

Get familiar with sites that sell, or give away new and used items., facebook marketplace, Kijji.There are tons of Facebook groups that are local and make it easy to exchange goods.

I am a big fan of these sites because I can very easily post photos of stuff I don’t want, and some wonderful person will see it, think it’s terrific, and offer me cash for taking it away. Amazing!

Powell River Peak: Innovate before you renovate

Recycling and reusing can reach beyond spent wine bottles and yesterday’s newspapers. If you’re about to do a home renovation or building project, start thinking outside the hardware store.

Building materials can be salvaged from neighbours, your basement, reuse stores, thrift stores and online platforms such as Freecycle, Facebook and Craigslist. You can cut costs and have a more unique, finished look.

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West Island Gazette: Bill Tierney: :Downsizing, upsizing are only a couple of clicks away

Are you looking for a Japanese dish set, black with red chop sticks? Perhaps not.

How about a queen-size bed?

How about upping the stakes to two twin mattresses plus a queen mattress and then throw in a box spring? Or maybe you could use a tube to put blueprints in, at least four feet long? Or a 74-inch custom-made vertical blind, part beige and part black? And while you’re at it, you might want to grab a crystal bowl with plastic cups and one spoon.

You probably won’t want those two 1950s tables, both missing legs. One is white and silver Formica, the other is faux bois. Apparently both tables seat four to six people, with or without the leaves, which the owner can give you, and your guests will be very happy as long as they don’t mind eating at odd angles where the legs are missing.

It’s all yours, free. All you have to do is pick the stuff up. You can check out the list of available giveaways at It’s like an online garage sale with no money changing hands. Join the Montreal group. When signed up, a reader writes, a daily email comes with all the new wanted and unwanted items listed.

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CTV News: Internet connects people looking for items with those offering them up

Once upon a time, if you wanted to get rid of an item that was still usable, your best option was the classifieds of the local newspaper.

Thanks to the rise of the Internet, though, connecting with someone interested in your junk has become a quicker and simpler process.

Kijiji is one of the most popular classified websites, and Waterloo Region is no exception to its success.

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