Hamilton Spectator: Nov. 30: Dealing with our stuff, disappointed in Walkom, rights for killers and other letters

Dealing with excess ‘stuff’

Jean Mayo asked, “Do we really need to keep on accumulating?” Freecycle.org can provide a practical and soul-satisfying alternative for stuff you don’t need any more, rather than tossing it out — and stuff you could have for free, instead of buying it. Hamilton’s active Freecycle.org group currently has posts offering track lights, Christmas lights, a vacuum cleaner, Christmas decorations, and a craft table, to give you some examples. Everything is offered for free. There are Freecycle.org groups all over the world, exchanging usable goods and extending their useful life. The site is free to join and participate. You might be surprised by what’s on offer and what you might be able to contribute.


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