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Some members are experiencing an issue when making posts with photos. We do know that the vast majority of posts made with images– particularly those with just one image– tend to go through. Our best advice at this time is to keep trying. If your post appears without photos try editing the post to add one or more photos.

We want you to know that resolving this issue is our technical teams top priority. It is a challenging issue to nail down as it as it is not occurring with all members or at all times with each member. Please know that we are focusing on fixing this but, frankly, we don’t know when it will be fixed. As a charitable nonprofit with one engineer we all have to do what we can to “protect the quarterback” so he can keep focusing on the most urgent issues. With over 85 servers on various continents and nearly 11 million members and about a thousand ton(ne)s daily of items being posted there are a lot of moving parts, to say the least. Special thanks to our system administrator who is putting in a lot of time on this.

We truly appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this issue.

Deron Beal
Freecycle Executive Director

The Citizen: Neighbourhood recycle and freecycle groups

Benefits of community groups

Along with this has come a range of benefits for households, according to the Seeff Property Group. These include local community groups focused on recycling and freecycling various household goods, clothing, sport and outdoor gear and the like.

It is even of benefit when you are cleaning out your garden, removing certain plants or trimming plants suitable for propagation. You might also have leftover tiles or building materials after a renovation project. If you are renovating or remodelling, you might also be able to freecycle old items such as bathroom sanitary wear, cupboards and more.

New York Time’s Climate Newsletter:

finding joy in doing climate action

Citylive: How can I garden for free?

4. Freecycle and community programs: Keep an eye out for local programs or websites like Freecycle, where people give away unwanted gardening supplies, tools, and even plants for free. Additionally, some communities offer free gardening workshops or seedling giveaways, so be sure to check if any are available in your area.

HeadTopics: ‘I’ve saved £26k buying everything for my kids second hand’

When she was pregnant with Isaac, Helen sourced a cot for £20, as well as a Moses’ basket and a chest of drawers for free and a changing unit that only cost £10 – by utilising Facebook groups where members post things they’re looking to quickly flog, as well as FreeCycle and car boot sales. It didn’t stop at furniture, as Helen found baby clothes and even cloth nappies on second-hand sites that were in good condition, if not new.

Warrington Guardian: Lib Dem motion passed by councillors

“Some of these may be broken or no longer required but they all had an environmental cost to produce and an environmental cost to get rid of. Many of these would be of value to others. 

“There are social media sites such as Freecycle, Before the Tip and local Facebook pages where you can advertise items but not everyone uses social media. Charity shops rightly have high standards for furniture and electrical goods which require PAT testing.

ONE5C: What happens to all outdated iphone cords:

Scrap or sell: The copper and aluminum in cables have value, says Deron Beal, founder and executive director of Freecycle, a site where people can give away items locally. You can sell your coffin of cords to a metal recycling facility (the places that crush cars). Beal recently got $20 doing so for a small box of mixed wires. If that sounds like too much work, post them on or another buy-nothing group and a scrapper is likely to take ’em off your hands.


2. Freecycle (

Freecycle is a global community of people who are giving and getting stuff for free in their local communities. Joining a local Freecycle group connects you with members in your area who are looking to give away items or request items from others. This eco-friendly initiative aims to reduce waste while helping people get what they need without breaking the bank.

Bleeping Computer: Freecycle confirms massive data breach

Freecycle, an online forum dedicated to exchanging used items rather than trashing them, confirmed a massive data breach that affected more than 7 million users

LA Progressive: Why Is the Moneyless Economy Thriving in America?

Roughly 250 million people were still visiting Craigslist worldwide each month in 2022, 27 years after the site was launched in 1995—and many of those Craigslist users are posting and sharing goods under the site’s popular “free stuff” section. About eight years after Craigslist was launched, Freecycle Network came online in 2003. More than 9 million Americans were still using Freecycle as of 2020, which I detailed in an article that year. And then there’s the relatively young Buy Nothing Project, which turned 10 years old in July of 2023. In addition to providing a digital space where people can request things they need, post things they’re giving away, and share gratitude, one of the B corp’s social benefit model goals is to encourage people to organize community and local events around buying nothing.