American City and County: The sharing economy: Helping cities meet their sustainability goals

Meet, swap

In its basic form, the sharing economy is focused on local swap, rental and gifting of assets such as space, tools, and other goods. Citizens advertise their need for an item or the items they have to spare, and rather than buying new which would create more waste, they share the items for some specified period of time. Such activities have been leveraging the internet since it was established, and today specialized platforms like Freecycle or Facebook Neighborhoods make it easier than ever. And governments stand poised to supercharge this process through facilitation and incentivization programs that make it easier and more advantageous to share.

Pubwise: The Freecycle Network Case Study

The Company

The Freecycle Network launched in the US market in 2003. They are the world’s largest international gifting community, with over 9.8 million members in over 5,000 worldwide communities covering over a hundred countries and 12 languages. The Freecycle Network is a private, nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of Arizona.

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Here is how to get it without spending a fortune.

IT’S A SNIP: Aldi sells portable sewing machines for £34.99.

Look on Facebook and Freecycle for ones that are being given away. Nappies added to roads ‘doubles life of surfaces’

Developers of a trial using nappies to make roads say it could mean the surfaces last twice as long.

The project is being piloted in Wales, and it could mean fewer nappies are thrown into landfill.

Fibre from nappies is added to bitumen glueing together asphalt road surfaces.

The Welsh government is backing the project with £180,000 funding, and a stretch of the A487 between Aberystwyth and Cardigan in Ceredigion has already been replaced with the nappy formula.

Wharfedale Observer: Small Change

We nearly all have an example of an ‘impulse buy’ which we have never actually worn. So, it’s brand new and someone else will want it and wear it. Take it to a charity shop, offer it on Freecycle or sell it on Ebay and recoup some of what you spent. One person’s ‘spur of the moment buy’ is another person’s ‘marvelous find’.

This Is Tucson: Fix your broken items for free with the help of Tucson’s first and only ‘repair cafe’

Those broken or rundown items collecting dust in your garage are getting a second chance at life with the help of Tucson’s first and only repair cafe.

Tucson Repair Cafe, a local organization working toward 501(c)(3) status, is committed to repairing non-functional items and educating owners on how to continue fixing them in case of needed maintenance in the future.  

The goal of the cafe is to help break out of the current “throwaway culture” and take a step toward zero-waste living.

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WHAT A GIVEAWAY: Neighbourhood WhatsApp groups are great for giving away items, such as kids’ clothes, toys, old furniture and books.

Also explore apps like Nextdoor and Freecycle which have items being given away locally.

Los Alamos Reporter: Zero Waste Los Alamos: Your Complete Guide To Getting Stuff In Los Alamos

Zero Waste Tip: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Get FREE STUFF through Facebook groups like Buy Nothing Los Alamos, NM and Freecycle. I have seen everything from half-used bottles of detergent and moving boxes to furniture and drill presses given away on these sites. And beer! Plus, you get to meet your community and help them clear clutter from their lives! Meet the client: Deron Beal, Founder of The Freecycle Network

Our popular Meet the client series reveals the inside story on the organisations we support with legal services. This time, we caught up with Deron Beal, Founder and Executive Director of The Freecycle Network. He shares his inspirational story of building the largest nonprofit international gifting community and keeping over a thousand tons out of landfills and incinerators each day.

The Swap things up: Where to give away clothes and more in exchange for free goods in Singapore

2. Freecycle SG

When it comes to reusing and recycling, Freecycle is a global non-profit movement that aims to redistribute unwanted stuff among communities. Singapore has its own chapter: it functions as a platform (mostly on Facebook) to offer items you don’t use anymore. In turn, you’ll provide someone with what they need. But, keep in mind it’s not about taking items for the sake of getting free stuff. Focus on being a responsible member by taking only things you’ll use.