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YouTube: Inside the ‘buying nothing’ movement

Freecycle and buy nothing groups are gaining popularity online and through new apps as consumers find new ways to save money on everyday items as inflation soars.

Deron’s Forum Presentation

You Tube: TimeBank Tom signs up for Freecycle

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Galileo: Montag: Mensch vs. Maschine

Schnell vorwärts 33 zu Freecycle Information aufsetzen.

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WDBJ7: Turning trash into treasure

Many of us have decided to bring in the New Year with less clutter by cleaning out the closets, the garage and if you’re brave enough, even the attic.

Before you throw anything away, there’s a group that’s making it easy to give and receive items for free.

It’s an international nonprofit organization called The Freecycle Network with nearly nine million members across the globe.

Their mission is to keep as many items as possible, especially electronics, out of landfills.

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Shrewsbury patch: VIDEO: Chapel Dedicated to Longtime Volunteers

Case Manager Jessica Lemenager made a quilt out of used shirts from the veterans and donated fabric from Freecycle. Veterans and officials signed the quilt that was given to the couple.

“They have done so much for this organization,” she said. “They are really great people.”

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My Fox Boston:new-homes-for-unwanted-items

FOX 25 / – At some point, you might have to do a renovation at home or decide to replace an appliance, yet the item you’re replacing is still usable.

Up to now, your options were to let it sit in the garage or basement, or perhaps sell it at a yard sale.

That was in the days before Freecycle, a nonprofit organization that runs a worldwide network of online message boards, allowing users to give away items they no longer want and keeping reusable goods out of landfills.

Freecycle groups serve in communities throughout the region. Begun in 2003 in Tucson, Ariz., Freecycle has more than 4,900 groups with 8.4 million members worldwide.

Yvonne Rogers and Erin Munichiello from, who are both from the Franklin chapter, stopped by the FOX 25 Morning News with more on this.

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Peninsula Press: Freecycle gains popularity in Palo Alto – website helps locals is a website that connects local residents who want to get rid of old furniture and household items with people in the community who will take them. Unlike goods listed on other popular e-commerce sites like eBay and craigslist, everything listed on is free. The site is gaining popularity in Palo Alto, and in this video, users share their experiences using the site and discuss the growing trend of “freecylcing.”

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