Wellington City Council: What to do with your surplus food – other than throw it away!

Facebook community pages, and pages like Freecycle are a quick and easy way to offer edible food to anyone who can use it. 


Krugersdorp News: Have you joined your neighbourhood recycle and freecycle groups?

One of the great benefits of the social media revolution is that it has enabled communities to create interest groups which are now available at the touch of a button on our phones.
Along with this, has come a range of benefits for households, according to the Seeff Property Group.

These include local community groups focused on recycling and freecycling various household goods, clothing, sport, outdoor gear, and the like.

It is even of benefit when you are cleaning out your garden, removing certain plants, or trimming plants that are suitable for propagation. You might also have leftover tiles or building materials after a renovation project. If you are renovating or remodelling, you might also be able to freecycle old items such as bathroom sanitary wear, cupboards, and more.

Dublin gazette: Freecycle – A global movement now available locally

Globally, there are thousands of local groups representing millions of members – people helping people and ‘changing the world, one gift at a time’ through using Freecycle services. 

By giving freely with no strings attached, members of the Freecycle Network help to instil a sense of generosity of spirit as they strengthen local community ties and promote environmental sustainability and reuse. The existence of Facebook has facilitated these contacts being made. 

In line with their aim to foster and promote environmental projects, Castleknock Tidy Towns (CTT) set up Castleknock Freecycle in October ’22, also on Facebook, where people who have items they no longer want or need, can give it away to other local people. 


The Globe and Mail: Secondhand shopping? This edible spoon maker is one of many treasures you can buy at a discount

Also check out Freecycle.org to see if it’s available in your city. On Freecycle, people give away things they don’t need any longer.

Some useful stuff listed along with the spoon maker included a food processor, never used, and a hardly worn ski/snowboarding jacket. Looking for used baby gear? Kijiji offers 20 categories of baby items. Need furniture? Karrot offers couches, tables, dressers and more to residents of B.C., Alberta and Ontario. If you’re open to something more whimsical, there’s the corner of the secondhand market where the Edible Spoon Maker exists.



Don’t be a victim. Never pay for delivery of a Freecycle item.

The incidence of scams is on the increase, on Freecycle and elsewhere. Here’s how you can identify a likely scam:

  • The offering member claims to have recently moved or posted to the wrong Town group and they need money to send the item to you.
  • The post contains a photo of an email address.
  • The subject of the post uses unusual punctuation or odd symbols, such as ~.ṀusicaĮ Įnstruments~
  • The offer seems too good to be true, especially if the member has recently joined Freecycle or posted the item to multiple towns that aren’t near each other. 

Any time you find a suspicious post, or are asked to pay for an item or delivery of an item, please use the “Report” button on the post detail page, or send a message to your town moderators. Please don’t become a victim of another delivery scam!

Thanks for helping keep scammers out of Freecycle!

MyLondon.News: The 3 pre-loved apps taking the world by storm – from free furniture to ‘Tinder for books’

First up is Freecycle, an app where you can peruse furniture until your heart’s content. Whether you’ve just moved into a new house, or looking to spruce up your bedroom, or maybe just get rid of some stuff you no longer need.

The app allows you to join local town groups to browse for furniture nearby. Or invite some local friends to form a Friends Circle, so you can lend items between your mates.

Simply make posts about things you want to gift or receive. Other members reply and then you can arrange a pick-up time and location – and Bob’s your uncle. Just like that, you’ve saved something from going to a landfill and given it a new life.


Liverpool Echo: Three ways to get pre-loved furniture, clothes and more


Whether you are planning to spruce up your personal space or transform your bedroom, Freecycle is a great app to find and swap free furniture. The site even allows you to create a small friends circle so you can lend items to your mates.

The app currently has more than eight million users who are giving and getting free things from their local communities.


InYourArea: Reader recipe: Mo’s tomato, macaroni and cheese bake that’s ‘cheap, quick and simple’

The versatile dish can be adapted easily for larger portions, goes well with sausages and is made in just four simple steps. Offering more advice, Mo said: “My Freecycle slow cooker is a blessing for casseroles or curries and I use my combi microwave/oven to save on power.”


A Guide To Sustainable Business Practices – 41 Tips

10. As well as Freecycle being a great place to find or gift items you no longer need, to people in your local area, it also allows you to set up your own Freecycle Friends Circle. 

This means you can create a closed group to enable employees to list, request, borrow and swap items, and reduce the need to buy. Here’s how you can go about setting one up.


Bristol Live: Three great apps for selling preloved things to download in 2023

One of the top apps to use to get things for cheap – or to be more accurate for free – is Freecycle. The idea of freecycle is to allow people to get rid of the unwanted items, from clothes to garden furniture, for free as long as they are in good condition. The app connects you with people in your local area who want something you’re selling.