Hamilton Spectator: Nov. 30: Dealing with our stuff, disappointed in Walkom, rights for killers and other letters

Dealing with excess ‘stuff’

Jean Mayo asked, “Do we really need to keep on accumulating?” Freecycle.org can provide a practical and soul-satisfying alternative for stuff you don’t need any more, rather than tossing it out — and stuff you could have for free, instead of buying it. Hamilton’s active Freecycle.org group currently has posts offering track lights, Christmas lights, a vacuum cleaner, Christmas decorations, and a craft table, to give you some examples. Everything is offered for free. There are Freecycle.org groups all over the world, exchanging usable goods and extending their useful life. The site is free to join and participate. You might be surprised by what’s on offer and what you might be able to contribute.


Money Talk News: 10 Smart Habits of Frugal People

When a frugal person needs something, they don’t just rush out and buy it. Instead, they’ll apply what I call “the frugal filter”:

  • Do I absolutely need it, or do I just want it?
  • Do I already have something that would work just as well?
  • If I really need it, could I borrow or rent it, or maybe even find it for free on a group such as Freecycle or a Buy Nothing Facebook group?
  • If I have to pay, what are the top options for getting the best price?



Don’t be a victim. Never pay for delivery of a Freecycle item.

The incidence of scams is on the increase, on Freecycle and elsewhere. Here’s how you can identify a likely scam:

  • The offering member claims to have recently moved or posted to the wrong Town group and they need money to send the item to you.
  • The post contains a photo of an email address.
  • The subject of the post uses unusual punctuation or odd symbols, such as ~.ṀusicaĮ Įnstruments~
  • The offer seems too good to be true, especially if the member has recently joined Freecycle or posted the item to multiple towns that aren’t near each other. 

Any time you find a suspicious post, or are asked to pay for an item or delivery of an item, please use the “Report” button on the post detail page, or send a message to your town moderators. Please don’t become a victim of another delivery scam!

Thanks for helping keep scammers out of Freecycle!

Daily Courier: Do Just One Thing

The e-commerce site eBay was started with the simple idea that one person’s trash is another’s treasure. It’s also a great way to make money and avoid sending things you don’t want to the landfill. But when it comes to heavy items like furniture, eBay is not a great option, since heavy items are expensive and difficult to ship. Instead, look at local used-item sites like Craigslist, FreeCycle (where every transaction is totally free) and even growing companies like Kaiyo, which picks up your furniture and sells it for you.


Shrewsbury, MA.gov: What to do with your mattress or textile

You can give mattresses away via a local gifting group, like Buy Nothing or Freecycle.  


Fox 9: A green Halloween: How to make your spooky holiday more eco-friendly

One way to help reduce waste is to skip buying a new costume wrapped in plastic and make your own, or find a used one instead. Take sheets, old and unwanted clothing, and check out websites like freecycle.org or swap.com for free costumes. You can also check your local free/buy nothing groups on Facebook and other social media sites.


Thaiger: Don’t just sit there – Bangkok gets tough on sofa dumpers

Both cities have claimed to be doing all they can in recycling and reusing. In London, freecycle.org helps match people with items to throw away and those with space to fill.


Money saving expert: 28 quick ways to go green and save


Use Freecycle to nab free sofas, coffee makers & more (plus find your old stuff a new home)

Giveaway sites such as Freecycle and Freegle can be a great way to recycle unwanted items, as well as save some cash, with listings covering everything from Etch A Sketches to espresso makers, and designer sofas to dungarees.


Q105.7: Save Money by Scoring Freebies In The Capital Region

This website is all about keeping things out of landfills. Here, you can find everything from clothes to appliances to building materials. Freecycle is perfect if you’re looking to upcycle or repurpose something.


Corkbeo.ie: From Toys to TVs, here’s how to get stuff from freebie sites

Freecycle Cork –

The dedicated freecycle.org website has entire sections for communities across Cork city and West Cork to both post ‘offers’ and ‘wanted’ to give or receive what they need.

The Non-profit Freecycle Network spans across the globe with a community of over 9 million members, all giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns and keeping good stuff out of landfills.

Right now, there are listings in Cork for everything from couches, bedside lockers, rocking chairs, sofa beds, full dining sets and secondary school textbooks – all free to a good home.