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AbilityNet: Tech4Good Awards: Caroline Keppel-Palmer Finalist category: Digital Volunteer of the Year Award

Founder of Museum Freecycle, Caroline is committed to using technology to help the museums reduce their environmental impact. Museum Freecycle is an online network that enables unwanted equipment to be recycled sustainably and easily between museums. It is the first industry-wide Freecycle group in the world and is run voluntarily with no budget. Caroline is based in London and works full time running her e-commerce business, Museum Bookstore, an online store specialising in art books and exhibition catalogues.

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The idea for a store where everything is donated and everything is free started with a phone call from Tucson businessman Aaron Polley to his friend Deborah “Debbie” Mitchell.

Mitchell loved the idea from the beginning and signed on immediately.

She called Deron Beal, the brains behind, a place where people can connect online to offer items they no longer want for free, thus keeping them out of landfills.

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WEWUNIK: ‘Kind’ cycle a web boom – Albany Times Union

Michelle and

Justin Atenzon, 6, and Michelle Atenzon, 9, with a mannequin ship their household obtained from Freecycle, an internet neighborhood that curbs environmental waste by recycling outdated gadgets inside communities somewhat than sending them to landfills. much less
Justin Atenzon, 6, and Michelle Atenzon, 9, with a mannequin ship their household obtained from Freecycle, an internet neighborhood that curbs environmental waste by recycling outdated gadgets inside communities somewhat than sending … extra


Supply No. 5823548 had all of the cadence and intrigue of a Hemingway quick story: “Cookie press. Model new by no means used,” the topic line learn.

The true story, much less so: Consumer mk0120 simply did not need the factor, and had no space for storing or spritz cookies cravings. It was gone the subsequent day, directions included.

The provide, posted to Albany’s on-line Freecycle neighborhood, is one in all a whole bunch of native day by day giveaways that comprise the rising so-called “present economic system.” The Freecycle Community, based in Arizona in 2003 and lately has unfold by way of the Capital Area, challenges members to desert the standard quid-pro-quo economic system in favor of environmental and social altruism.

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Lancaster Edge Gazette: Freecycle founder returns to roots

LANCASTER – Deron Beal isn’t just back in town for the Fairfield County Fair, but he’s looking forward to it.

The executive director of the Freecycle Network came to kick off the annual Ohio University Lancaster Friends of the Library speaker series Thursday in Wagner Theatre.

Freecycle is a free website where users can post things they would normally trash, or even look for free items. There’s no exchange of money, just items.

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Pour la 4ème année consécutive, nous avons l’immense plaisir de vous présenter notre sélection des 365 initiatives qui ont le plus marqué l’année par leurs actions concrètes et positives. Qu’elles émanent d’entreprises, d’associations, de territoires ou de citoyens, ces 365 initiatives sont une source d’inspiration et un bol d’air frais pour toutes celles et ceux qui voient le monde en mutation sous le spectre du respect des Hommes et de la Nature.

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Everyone has a bunch of junk lying around their house that they have no idea what to do with. Maybe it’s an old iPhone that you were going to try and sell but 3 new iPhones have come along since. Maybe it’s a stack of old textbooks from school. Or maybe it’s an ugly chair that clashes with everything in your living room. Or a broken food processor. Or a…you get the idea.

Deron Beal has set out to solve this problem with his website, which has helped many unwanted items find new homes — 32,000 items a day, to be exact.

“Freecycle’s mission is really to make it easier to give something away than to throw it away,” Deron explains.

With online communities set up all over the world, 9 million members have used Freecycle to breathe new life into things that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. In the past year alone, if you were to pile the items gifted through Freecycle into garbage trucks, it would be 15 times the height of Mt. Everest!

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White Rock Lake Weekly: WHITE ROCK VOLUNTEERS MAKE A DIFFERENCE Network pays it forward, helps environment Read more: White Rock Lake Weekly – WHITE ROCK VOLUNTEERS MAKE A DIFFERENCE Network pays it forward helps environment

Photo courtesy of The Freecycle Network Deron Beal founded the Freecycle Network in 2003.
Offer: purple bike 19 in wheels (75223); Taken: purple bike 19 in wheels (75223); Offer: Bale of hay (75228); Wanted: gallon glass jar (75218); Nov. 4, 2013, digest #2975. So goes the pattern of recycling, Freecycle Network style.

When you donate an item to one of the many charitable organizations, which pick up from your home or have donation bins placed around town, it’s a kind, altruistic gesture. Though most of the philanthropic organizations are undoubtedly trustworthy, you never really know if the item’s going to someone who needs or wants it, or if it’s going anywhere other than the trash bin. As it turns out, about 70 percent of donations to some of the organizations are thrown away.

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Tamebay: Vote to give Freecycle a publicity boost

Vote for Freecycle to win Direct Debit Top 100 Good Causes

Vote for FreecycleFreecycle has been selected as one of this month’s Top 100 Good Causes to be in the running for a £2,000 donation from Direct Debit.

If Freecycle win first place, it will mean a £2,000 donation and James Lane, UK Director of The Freecycle Network is going to commit a minimum of 10 x £100 grants from Freecycle UK for use in the promotion and publicity of local groups.

Winning the Direct Debit Top 100 Good Causes would in itself help publicise Freecycle, encouraging more to gift their unwanted possessions. You can vote for Freecycle to win the Direct Debit Top 100 Good Causes online and of course you can join your local Freecycle group at

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At some point, most of us have probably given away things we didn’t need to friends or family members. But what should you do when you don’t know anyone who wants the leftover dirt from your gardening project or your old lawnmower? One solution is to check out The Freecycle Network, an organization that encourages people to participate in a culture of giving.

Freecycle, a website founded in May of 2003 by Deron Beal of Tucson, Ariz., began when Beal wanted to donate a bed, but couldn’t find any local organizations willing to accept one. Beal wanted to create a way for people to give away items that still had value, but that might otherwise end up in a landfill. To solve the problem, Beal got together a small group of friends interested in sharing the things they no longer needed, and that initial group has grown into a project that boasts 9 million members in more than 110 countries.

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ABC News: Freecycle Network Grows Globally in Bad Economy

With those three words, Deron Beal of Tucson, Ariz., helped move the yard sale online, only with no money changing hands.

Beal is the founder of The Freecycle Network, or It’s a grassroots gifting network that — thanks to the sour economy and a growing commitment to the environment — has transformed into a global movement of millions offering, wanting and taking all manner of stuff.

Staffed by volunteer moderators and loosely overseen by Beal, Freecycle aims to let you share your old TVs, clothes, broken blenders, tire chains and moving boxes with people nearby, using e-mail groups at Yahoo! and on the network’s website.

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