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Happy Anniversary Freecycle


For immediate release – 1 May, 2023

Global Gifting Movement Celebrates 20 Years: The Freecycle Network

June 1st, 2023, Tucson, ArizonaThe Freecycle Network has been fanning the flames of the grassroots wildfire in communities everywhere as the largest recycling and re-use web community on the planet. And, now Freecycle is celebrating its 20th anniversary with nearly 11 million members in over a hundred countries. It’s these community members who are gifting tens of thousands of items every day on Freecycle –a globally local gifting community, or, as some say, a cyber curbside– is now enabling over a thousand tons a day to be kept out of landfills as a result. That means one less landfill on the planet and lots of happy recipients on a globally local basis.

Background: Our nearly 11 million members are doing this gifting each within their own local community in one of more than 5,000 local groups in more than 100 countries. This translates into fifteen times the height of Mt. Everest when stacked in garbage trucks over the past year alone – that’s over 807 million pounds of used items.

No one could have imagined that what began as a small circle of friends on May 1, 2003, would have evolved into the Freecycle of today. It was then that Deron Beal had a bed that he wished to recycle but discovered that the local thrift shops did not accept beds. In an effort to protect our planet and recycle a perfectly usable bed, he started a network of friends online and offered the bed. What began as only 30 members in 2003 has now developed into a global re-use movement.

What people often don’t realize is that thrift stores such as Goodwill have to dispose of over two-thirds of all donations given to them as they are unable to re-sell them. Freecycle fills that gap between items which may no longer have monetary value but are still perfectly usable and functional. If we can empower local individuals to gift then we are reducing waste and keeping good stuff out of landfills.

Thankfully, Freecycle is fueled by thousands of volunteers who devote their time and energy to this worthy cause in their respective local communities. If people weren’t basically good and giving, Freecycle would not work. But it does indeed, and on a massive scale. Freecycle creates a circle of giving in each of its local communities around the world. Working together, we can keep it green.

Lending credence to their motto of “changing the world one gift at time,” Freecycle is globally local — Each town has volunteer moderators and a unique Town group. Anyone living in that town is then welcome to post items to be given away or to seek items which they might be able to use. Whether it is an old door, a pile of dirt or a computer, it’s probably being given away on one of the local groups already up and running as you read this article.

The Freecycle Network is a private, nonprofit organization based out of Tucson, Arizona. Visit to find your local Town group. This nonprofit gifting movement enables individuals to gift items in their local communities rather than to throw them away. Freecycle has been featured in The Guardian, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and in People Magazine amongst many others in many countries of the world.

Liberate a closet near you, and keep usable items out of the landfill in the process!

~changing the world one gift at a time~

The Morning Call:More coronavirus kindnesses: Cookie deliveries, toilet paper for shut-ins, flower bombing

“Knowing that my nearby markets had empty shelves also, I decided to try the online site Freecycle [The Freecycle Network]. Within 24 hours, I had two offers. Both people were very generous. They donated enough for this family and also for a group of people living in a residence elsewhere. Freebie Friday: Saving money on school supplies

Now if you’re logging on to shop – check out This is a great resource when you’re looking to get rid of stuff – or find something at a discount. Check to see what’s available in your area. Teachers are also putting wish lists up there is you want to help them.

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Lancaster Edge Gazette: Freecycle founder returns to roots

LANCASTER – Deron Beal isn’t just back in town for the Fairfield County Fair, but he’s looking forward to it.

The executive director of the Freecycle Network came to kick off the annual Ohio University Lancaster Friends of the Library speaker series Thursday in Wagner Theatre.

Freecycle is a free website where users can post things they would normally trash, or even look for free items. There’s no exchange of money, just items.

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Market Watch:Oodle Launches Freecycling on Facebook to Encourage Zero Waste

SAN MATEO, Calif., Sep 13, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Oodle announced today an initiative to promote zero waste by bringing “freecycling” to Facebook. Freecycling is a movement to help reduce the flow of waste to landfills by encouraging neighbors to give unwanted but reusable household items to each other instead of throwing them away. Oodle’s Marketplace, available on Facebook ( and, now enables neighbors to join together in a local online community called a FreeCircle where they can offer items to each other, search among available items, or request something specific.

Read more Wednesday is ‘Freecycle Day’ in Glen Ridge

“Go Glen Ridge Green” by participating in the borough’s first Freecycle Day on Wednesday, May 4.

Freecycling allows residents to give away usable but unwanted items to others instead of disposing of them. Participation aids in waste reduction and serves as a cost-saver for those searching for the ultimate bargain.

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Barnsley and Rotherham: Free electrical waste collection days

Free electrical waste collection days for Barnsley and Rotherham businesses

Specialist electronic and electrical waste recycling company SR Recycling
from Barnsley is holding two FREE special one-off waste collection days for
businesses and organisations in Barnsley and Rotherham.

On Tuesday 27th of June SR Recycling will be touring Barnsley collecting
electrical and electronic office waste. On Thursday the 28th of June SR
Recycling will transfer the collection to Rotherham.

SR Recycling has teamed up with Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce
to stage the free collection days – normally there would be a charge for
such collections.

“The Chamber has long been an advocate on environmental issues and it’s
great to see one of our members being so proactive in helping other
businesses take green actions. We have been working alongside SR Recycling
for some time now with a dedicated collection point in our Rotherham
offices, to see the collections now going across both Boroughs is a really
welcome sight,” said Andrew Denniff from Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of

“It’s the perfect opportunity for a late spring clean in the office or
factory. We can collect a wide range of materials for free which we will
then recycle. We recycle up to 99% of the material we collect from
businesses, schools, hospitals and offices so anyone making use of our
services knows they are being as environmentally friendly as possible,” says
Simon Robinson, MD of SR Recycling.

A similar event in Doncaster was so successful that the company had three
times the demand that it had anticipated. It also hopes to arrange free
collection days in Sheffield in the near future.

SR Recycling will be collecting unwanted office electrical and electronic
items free of charge from offices and locations within a five mile radius of
Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber’s offices (BBIC, Innovation Way, Barnsley, S75
1JL and Genesis Business Park, Rotherham, S60 1DX). Any business or
organisation outside of that radius can drop off items at the Chamber’s
offices at Genesis Business Park.

Examples of items that can be recycled for free include telephones, LCD
monitors, fax machines, photocopiers, printers, scanners, computers, laptops

Market Watch: Got Stuff? Intuit’s QuickBase and Freecycle Extend Free Reuse Program to the

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. & TUCSON, Ariz., Apr 21, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Whether it’s in closets or cubicles, Americans accumulate lots of clutter. In fact, we generate about 254 million tons of trash annually, much of which winds up in landfills.

Now there’s a way for businesses to keep some of that clutter from landfills and give it a reusable, second life. Intuit Inc. /quotes/comstock/15*!intu/quotes/nls/intu (INTU 36.19, +0.20, +0.56%) and green community leader The Freecycle Network have teamed to bring the benefits of the world’s largest environmental Web community from home to work.

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