Hamilton Spectator: ‘Freecycle’ a good way to lessen trash

Using “freecycle” is an additional option for our garbage issues.

This is a free Internet service provided whereby there is a method of disposing of items people do not need and no longer want to keep that would otherwise end up on the curb waiting for pick up by our garbage workers.

There is a chapter in Hamilton, as well as in Burlington. An unwanted item is entered on the website and interested people reply. Only when arrangements are made for a pickup is an address given. All manner of items are taken such as furniture, building and landscaping material, leftovers from remodelling, plants, toys, books, clothing, etc. If a particular item is desired, that can be posted as well. This service has saved enormous amounts of items being taken to the dump. The other advantage is that one doesn’t have to haul to the curb for pickup or to the local dump which normally charges a fee.

Anyone can Google “freecycle Hamilton” and sign up.

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