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Krugersdorp News: Have you joined your neighbourhood recycle and freecycle groups?

One of the great benefits of the social media revolution is that it has enabled communities to create interest groups which are now available at the touch of a button on our phones.
Along with this, has come a range of benefits for households, according to the Seeff Property Group.

These include local community groups focused on recycling and freecycling various household goods, clothing, sport, outdoor gear, and the like.

It is even of benefit when you are cleaning out your garden, removing certain plants, or trimming plants that are suitable for propagation. You might also have leftover tiles or building materials after a renovation project. If you are renovating or remodelling, you might also be able to freecycle old items such as bathroom sanitary wear, cupboards, and more.

Times Live: Anyone for bunny ears?

I’d stumbled across this sterling fortune by signing up to Freecycle Cape Town, a non-profit, online forum where anyone in the city can post ads to liberate themselves of unwanted possessions, find things they need but can’t afford, and track down hard-to-find whatnots.

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Times Live: Priceless liberation

Boyle embarked on the moneyless life by acquiring his caravan through – a free international junkmail that operates in 85countries, including South Africa, and claims it keeps 500 tons of perfectly usable goods out of landfill sites every day. In return for his green fingers, he secured his right to stay in the orchard from the Radford Mill farming community to which it belongs.

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