Lincoln courier: ReClaim, ReCycle, ReConstruct

The ReClaimer is certainly not alone in this mindset. Today’s ReClaimer Blog will put a spotlight on The Freecycle Network(TM).

A concept that was launched in one city in the United States (US) has since grown to international and global scope. In May of 2003, Freecycle founder Deron Beal organized an online email group of contacts representing a group of non-profit organizations in Tucson, Arizona. The online contact network was necessary to streamline and make highly efficient a previously time-consuming process of offering unwanted or donated items to multiple organizations in the Tucson area. Originally fostered by the organization RISE, which at the time provided recycling services to downtown Tucson businesses, The Freecycling Network (TM) grew into a online network that now spans the globe and has incorporated the efforts of individuals and groups in 85 countries.

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