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At each Turn: Free Cycle Poetry or The Story of Futons and Life

So, we finally got rid of the futon. It was broken, but I posted a full disclosure notice on the Charlottesville-Albemarle Freecycle list.

Futon, mission style frame wih mattress & coverAfter a few email exchanges and phone calls to arrange pick up between snow showers, a woman and her dad borrowed a truck to come get the futon; let’s call them Helen and James.

We showed Helen and James where the futon frame needs repair.

“I’m a carpenter by trade. This will be no problem,” said James.

Rick had already told me the frame could be repaired for under $10, so any guilt I had about passing on broken stuff, even for free, was really evaporating.

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Spark Freecycling

Tuesday, December 18, 2012
I just joined and I am super excited!

A. I hate waste and love finding ways to reuse EVERYTHING.

B. I love free stuff!

There’s a Christmas tree available in the area that I might be interested in. I’m also going to search for filing cabinets and stuff like that for the house. And now I can’t stop thinking about what I might want to get rid of that I could post!

I love the internet. 🙂

Now, if only someone wanted to give away a free treadmill or set of free weights….

Oh, well. Craigslist, here I come!

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Inside Out Cafe: The gift of Freecycle on 12/12/12

My Gift to you on 12/12/12 is the gift of recycling using Freecycle. This nonprofit organization is a way to recycle your items to others who are in need of your discards. And it’s the perfect way for you to locate items that others are discarding.

I’ve used Freecycle many times and just last month someone who was in need of a 32 in JVC color TV that I wanted to give way – emailed me to say she could use it for her church group. Done. Out of my door and into hers.

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CT on a budget: LOVE Freecycle!

I needed another table in order to be able to seat all that are coming to a Christmas party that I am hosting. I looked on line, these go for $50 for the cheapo, plastic topped ones to more like $100 and up for study, industrial ones. Today, I had college boy with his truck pick up and deliver a Freecyled 6 foot, folding party table. While there are a few scratches in the top, wood grain finish, this is an all steel table that will more than suit my needs, especially as I plan on covering it with a table cloth! Very, very happy to now own this, my cost? just a tip to college boy to help cover his gas. Well worth it!

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If you aren’t using freecycle, you’re not living. Freecycle is a website where you can get, and give away, useful items, for free. You can get some amazing things from there, and you can get rid of a lot of stuff that you may think is crap. The basic philosophy behind freecycle is finding a use for things that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

How does it work? Visit Register. Check the listings. Sign up to receive the emails. If you have something to give away, make a post, if you have something you want, make a post. There are a lot of generous people out there and if you let people know you need something, you will be surprised how many people are willing to help.

I have tried to give something away on freecycle each time I have picked something up. To keep the balance right, if you will. Here are some examples of how freecycle has worked for me:

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ChicagoNow: The Do’s and Don’ts of Successfully Getting Free Stuff

I even sold some items on Craigslist. Then there were some other items that weren’t really sellable in my opinion. A few odds and ends. I decided to list them on freecycle. Freecycle is a site in which you offer items that you don’t want to others for free. Its based on the premise of recycling and keeping things out of the landfill.

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This freecycling thing is my latest fixation. Not a week goes by that my husband doesn’t come home to hear what thing went that day! My local community is a bustling one, and my offers generally go in the first 48 hours. My basement is growing, suddenly unburdened by excess.

Technically, it is a “loss” of money, unless one is receiving the items. Literal frugality would demand that I should be Ebaying these suckers and getting some profit for myself, no matter how minor. But I won’t do that. For me, having the free space in my household and knowing that someone else is going to enjoy the items is worth far more than waiting and waiting to make a few bucks.

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Carol’s Musings: Freecycle

The Corner Shop” at Swansea’s Llansamlet recycling centre.

Take your rubbish to the tip, and whatever is remotely usable drop in at the shop. Whilst you’re there, see if there is anything you fancy for £1. Proceeds go to charity. I just hope that they check for hidden gems before they put items on the shelves.

It saves half decent stuff going to landfill, or maybe saves the person who brings stuff a separate journey to donate elsewhere.

Maybe more of these will start up once the news gets around.

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Miles & Ozzie: freecycle

freecycle is by no means anything new. but some folks are not familiar with it. basically it works like this: are you looking for something very specific? post an ad. do you have something in your garage/basement/closet that needs a new home? post an ad. it’s that simple. what’s even better is you can put what you have to offer out on your porch with the new owners name on it for them to pick up. you don’t have to wait around. you don’t have to answer your door. same goes for when you want something. just ask for porch pickup and it’s yours.

and it’s all free.

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Shift Frequency: Laura Bruno ~ Freecycle

I first discovered freecycle several years ago while living in Northern California. After having relocated from Sedona Arizona and given away much of our furniture, I wondered if we could be on the receiving end of so much abundance. While married, I moved every 2-12 months — usually around the 6 month mark — so I have given away a lot of furniture in my day! I figured I could balance the scales a bit by appearing when someone else needed to relieve themselves of stuff. I forget how I found freecycle, but I love the idea that one person’s junk can become another’s treasure. After receiving an armoire and recliner chair, I decided to list some of our items that hadn’t found a place in our new California home. I loved this zero money exchange that blessed both parties by clearing energy out the old and invigorating the new. I also loved that freecycle kept many perfectly usable (but less likely to sell) items out of the landfill.

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