Join the feel-good recycling drive

IT’S so easy to toss out things we no longer have use for. Everything from toasters to bed linen and outgrown children’s toys hits the footpath faster than a fashion trend hits the back of the wardrobe.

Council clean-ups are a hub of activity, with the scrap metal merchants doing a roaring trade and residents touring the streets to find unwanted treasures before the council trucks snake their way through the suburbs.

Savvy owners can make a dollar or two buying and selling on eBay or Gumtree, but the vast majority of us are consigned to binning what we no longer like or need.

Still, in a world cluttered with waste, there is a nagging sense of contributing to the problem of landfill. So what other options are there?

In fact, there are plenty.


One of the most innovative solutions is

Now in Australia, this US-based organisation, which began as a recycling drive in Arizona and is operating in 110 countries, recently celebrated its 10th birthday.

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