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Cyprus Mail: Dealing with S&P downgrading Santa

We haven’t gone as far as one friend though who is painting newspaper seasonal red and green for her wrapping, using Freecycle and offering her services as presents. Not quite as saucy as it sounds – more of: “I’ll clean your car, mow your lawn or drive you home from the pub on New Year’s Eve.”

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Cyprus Mail: Living the green dream

But ‘The Garden’ isn’t his only green project. As the initiator of a Freecycle Cyprus, Loizos has stared a Facebook blog that encourages people to swap unwanted goods instead of just throwing them away. “If you have something you don’t need you can just post it on Facebook and someone who wants it will then come and pick it up from you. You’d be amazed by how much less you can waste no matter what it is you want to get rid of.”

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