Ideal Home: Presenter Angellica Bell shares her five simple swaps for creating a more sustainable home

4. Freecycle old pieces of furniture

If you’ve had a good clear out, rather than taking your old unwanted items to the tip Angellica recommends taking them to a charity shop or freecycling.

‘Often with things we don’t want we put it on freecycle so people can come to pick it up,’ she explains. ‘You put the item online, and if someone wants it you arrange to go meet them with it.’

There are plenty of websites dedicated to freecycling, and charity shops that specialise in homeware. However, do check that the item is in good condition before dropping it off.

But don’t just stop at handing on second-hand items, consider investing in them too. For inspiration for making the most of older items take a look at our upcycled furniture ideas feature.

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