Southern Reporter: Sorting wheat from chaff in the digital age

I have also been a member of the local Freecycle group for a wee whiley, and so far haven’t replied to anyone’s advert and taken anything unwanted in, but I have got rid of quite a lot of tatt. Erm, I mean, stuff that we own of the unwanted variety.

So far, I have managed to offload, erm, I mean, Freecycle, a plastic pink and purple bubble car, a wee girls’ bike with ‘princess’ stickers and midget stabilisers, an old office swivel chair and a coffee maker. Beauty.

I will shortly be listing a heee-yooooo-ge bundle of Happyland (when I can work out how much a shed-load of Happyland will cost to post??), and have just sold a Beyblade Metal Fusion stadium on eBay. If you have to ask, you’re not with the programme, pops.

More plastic tatt (of the variety that I am utterly convinced no-one could ever want in their entire puff and so will not be Freecycled in any shape or form), is in the trailer waiting for a lift to the tip at Gala.

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