North London Today:10,000 sign up for recycling network

THE Enfield Freecycle group, which allows residents to pass unwanted goods on to others in a bid to keep landfill levels down, has topped the 10,000-member mark.

According to the group the milestone was reached on Friday. The group’s website allows people to post information about goods they want to donate and they can also request specific goods they require.

Enfield’s lead moderator Mark Griffin said: “We get all sorts of things up on our website – from plastic ice cube trays, to cars and everything in between.

“It’s a good little community and it is based on goodwill. I detest throwing things away. Last year I gave away a tumble dryer that I was told had been broken. The guy I gave it to managed to get it fixed up.

“One person’s junk is another man’s treasure. We are changing the world one gift at a time. Our aim is to keep things out of landfill and there are very few things that cannot be donated.”

Together with the help of the North London Waste Authority and local authorities, Freecycle events have been staged across north London, including one in Jubilee Park, Edmonton, last year, allowing people to donate goods they no longer need and pick up things they want for free.

The Freecycle Network was launched by Deron Beal in Arizona in 2003 and has now spread to 85 countries. It is estimated to keep 500 tons a day out of landfill worldwide.
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