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Gloucester Advocate: Freecycle cuts landfill and builds networks

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

FREECYCLE is a novel way of reducing landfill and helping a neighbour out at the same time.

After a long break The Freecycle Network is once again working in Gloucester. Copeland’s Jackie Clark has taken on the role of moderator for the Gloucester group under the guidance of the main organisation.

Freecycle allows members to register their email address with a local group then advertise what they want to give away.

Alternatively, they can ask for something they need and it is all completely free of charge.

“I have used Freecycle for years and received floor tiles, wall tiles, goldfish, trees, plants, a bread maker, cot and ride-on toys – among other things,” Jackie said.

“When we moved, I got rid of unwanted crystal glasses and jugs, old chairs and other stuff.

“It works well because there is no expectation by anyone beyond the wish to help the environment.”

Freecycle began in the US in 2003 and has since spread to 85 countries across the globe.

“It’s a great way to keep stuff out of landfill, but it’s also a really good way to establish and build relationships,” Ms Clark said.

“Everyone remembers grabbing something from the tip. This way, you don’t even have to get as far as the tip.

“Freecycle members worldwide are currently keeping over 500 tons a day out of landfill. This amounts to five times the height of Mt Everest in the past year alone, when stacked in garbage trucks.”

The rise of the ‘Buy, Swap and Sell’ concept thanks to social media has been a revelation in recent years and Ms Clark feels the Freecycle initiative can be just as successful.

Jackie has already approached Gloucester Shire Council for its support and council’s environment and waste services coordinator Tania Parkinson has agreed to raise the Freecycle concept with Midwaste.

To learn more about Freecycle visit the website

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The Guardian: Guerrilla gardening, Freecycle and swap till you drop: how to live for free

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014


Freecycle everything

If designer Gucci isn’t top of your wishlist, then clothing yourself for next to nothing isn’t as tricky as you might imagine. Clothes are more sharable and riper for “gift exchange” than other essential living items, which makes sourcing garments in the free economy easy. Sites like the Freecycle Network, a grassroots not-for profit organisation, and CraigsList offer up white goods, furniture and clothing for no cost. The premise is simple: specify where you are and what you’re after, and chances are you’ll find someone giving it away. A quick search for “women’s clothes” came up with a “donator” just 800m away from my flat. Some adverts are vague – “bag of clothes”, “women’s coats” – and some specific – “eight pairs of cut-off size 8 Levis”. Free items, with stories behind them; what’s not to love?

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HamletHub:County Offers Free Service to Exchange Unwanted Items

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Donation Is Also An Option

You can also donate items to local charities or participate in online groups that serve as a forum to exchange items, such as Westchester Freeshare and Westchester NY Freecycle. You must have a Yahoo! account to use these programs. Westchester NY Freecycle maintains a “two strikes, you’re out” policy to guarantee proper participation.

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KGBT-TV:Money Talks News: The Best Ways to Get Free Stuff

Friday, February 21st, 2014

“One’s from the 80s and one’s from the 70s as far as I can make out and they sound beautiful.”

Meet Peter Warner, aka “Freebie Pete.” When he wanted a guitar, and didn’t have the money to buy one, he turned to “Freecycle,” a site connecting people giving things away with those looking for free stuff.

“What’s somebody’s trash, someone else can use, that’s a beautiful thing.”

But Pete also pays it forward. He’s given away baby gear on “Freecycle.”

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Gladstone Observer:Life a little easier for girl in wheelchair thanks to help

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

THANKS to the kindness of a CQ Frames and Trusses employee, and Facebook, Joanne Mison will experience a little less back strain from now on.

Joanne’s seven-year-old daughter Kassidy Ashworth has cerebral palsy so uses a wheelchair.

Suffering from a spinal infection, Joanne had difficulty lifting the wheelchair over the step at the front door of their home.

On Saturday, February 1, Joanne created a post on the Facebook page Freecycle Gladstone.

The page allows group members to post items they no longer want or need, for another group member to take off their hands.

Members also make posts regarding items they need for projects.

Joanne asked for ideas on how to make a ramp at the front door to give easier access for Kassidy’s wheelchair.

CQ Frames and Trusses hardware manager Darrin Bradbury offered his assistance for the task by supplying the timber and handiwork.

“It’s just a small part of our material and a friend (Wayne Price) came to help and fit it too,” Darrin said.

Joanne said she had not been expecting the help she received.

“I’m doing the biggest clean-out of the house at the moment, which is the only reason I’m on the group (Freecycle Gladstone),” she said.

“Darrin’s response was a bit of a shock to me.”

Darrin said he was happy to help.

“As long as it can make Joanne and Kass’ life a little easier, it’s put a smile on my face,” he said.

Darrin and Wayne spent more than an hour last Wednesday morning building and fitting the ramp.

“The majority of things you do these days cost money, so I am very thankful,” Joanne said.

Darrin said it was a pleasure to be there when Kassidy arrived home from school, to see the difference he and Wayne had made.

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Monday, February 17th, 2014

FIND FREE STUFF: The website Free is a great resource to find free furniture and all kinds of items in your local area. If you have usable items that you don’t want or need anymore, instead of filling up the landfills, post them on FreeCycle and let someone else take the item for free! Anyone is welcome to sign up and post or to take free items. —

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Mail Online: Too much stuff? Ditch your junk before paying big storage fees

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

A lack of space and need to declutter has created a boom in self- storage. More than a quarter of a million people rent space with a specialist company to look after their possessions.

But these high-tech lock-ups, with their surveillance cameras and range of room sizes, are a costly way to store clutter you no longer need.

The first step to saving money on storage is to be ruthless with what you own. Throw out stuff you can live without or sell items using online sites such as eBay. Charity shops may benefit from a clear-out while you can also give away or swap items on website Freecycle.

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Royston Crow 24: Volunteers ready to launch Royston repair cafe

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

Royston Freecycle group will launch the café as it celebrates its 10th year of keeping old items in use in the town.

Volunteer repairers will be helping people to mend broken items at a free event at The Meridian School, in Garden Walk, on Sunday, February 9.

Anyone with something that needs mending – bikes, toys, clothes, tools, small items of furniture, electrical equipment including IT hardware – can bring their item to Meridian School between 10am-3pm.

The broken item will be assessed and, if it can be mended immediately, the owner will be shown how to do it. If the repair is more major, organisers will refer people to local professional repairers.

The Repair Café is free, but advance booking is required so organisers know what items will be arriving. Online booking is at 9844376796

For local updates and other information about repair and re-use go to or call Chris Lee on 07962 157589.

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Online Athens: Tips to start living a greener lifestyle

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

Downsize by donating things you no longer use. If you want to give away things you no longer need, donate to a local nonprofit or check out a local web-based Freecycle Network. This is a grassroots, nonprofit movement of people who are giving away things they no longer need or want and getting new stuff for free from other people in their community. Local groups are moderated by a volunteer and membership is free.

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The Telegraph: 50 ways to save money in 2014

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

36. Check out websites for freebies. Go to websites like or for free bits of furniture, old electronics, books, clothes and other unwanted items.

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