The Sydney Morning Herald: Freecycle changes the adage: Just as good to give as to receive

‘I only own four items in this whole apartment,” Galina Globug said.

Ms Globug is one of 6.6 million people worldwide who give – and receive – unwanted things in a global environmental initiative called Freecycle. Its motto: ”changing the world, one gift at a time”.

Her eastern suburbs flat contains a bed, a wardrobe, a barbecue, a fridge, a dryer, a dresser, a gas heater, a cheese stand and a kitchen table. All were given to her for free.

”Oh, and a 40-inch TV,” the university student said.
”It’s pretty nifty. If people have stuff they don’t want it’s better than throwing it in the dump. It’s like recycling it back to the community.”

In return, Ms Globug recently offered some small plastic pots and glass jars to her Freecycle community.

The co-ordinator of one Freecycle group in Sydney, Tracy Getts, says as long as the goods – whether a bike, bubble wrap or a bed – are free, legal and suitable for all ages, they can be traded on the site for no cost. There are also no rules in how much people can take, compared to what they give, she said.

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