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The Cornish Times: Reduce, reuse and recycle for a low carbon Christmas

• regift unwanted items that are in good condition to others, donate them to charity shops, give them away on free sale sites like Freecycle or Freegle or on local Facebook groups, or take items that could be fixed to repair cafés and give them a new lease of life,%20reuse%20and%20recycle%20for%20a%20low%20carbon%20Christmas&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2021 An upcycler has given her IKEA Hemnes chest of drawers a vintage-inspired makeover

‘The unit was a freebie from Freecycle,’ Kata tells us. This meant she had a little more to spend on accessories, like the showstopping high-end handles.

ToysMatrix: Van conversion: Lifestyle boom – ‘someone flew from Canada to Portugal to pick up a sink’ | Travel News | Travel

With some DIY, they managed to keep the costs down.

“Obviously there are ways to get stuff for a bit cheaper.

“I know people who look for second hand stoves and sinks, and people find a lot of things on freecycle and gumtree.

“Finding something for a bargain is always fun.

The Guardian: ‘We don’t need to buy more stuff’: the people who kit out their homes for free

Many people turning to skips or sites such as Freecycle in a bid to save money and help the planet

Toysmatrix: Caravan conversion: Couple turn old DHL van into dream home now worth £15k | Travel News | Travel


The bed was made out of an old ping pong table and a free mattress from Freecycle.

It took six months for the couple to turn the van into a home.

An amazing feat considering neither had much building experience. Woman shares easy hacks for £3.70 food shop, free bike and 50p clothes

She says anyone in search of furniture, books and toys should also sign up to Freecycle.

This is an app where local people can list and request items they need or no longer want.

“My best collection to date has been a bike. Initially I collected it for our grandson, but it’s a road bike, not cool I’m guessing, so I got to keep it. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am.”

Solihull Observer: How to save the planet – and pennies – with secondhand furniture

A more sophisticated site, the grassroots and non-profit set up Freecycle ( allows searches based on location – reducing carbon footprints even further by not needing to travel so far. Membership is free and the site is carefully monitored.

Central Recorder: Thrifty nan reveals how she saves hundreds on her grandkids

A THRIFTY nan has revealed how she saves hundreds when it comes to shopping for her grandkids, and how you can do the same.

Karen Kinton (59) has made bargain shopping her full-time occupation. Credit: 4 Karen never pays full price for food shop credit to 4 Karen picked up this bike for free on Freecycle

Motley Fool UK: 10 best websites for free stuff

2. Freecycle

As the name suggests, everything on Freecycle is free. You just have to pick it up. You may be lucky and get something that would be expensive to buy, like a lawnmower, in perfect working order. Once you have joined Freecycle, you can also post ‘Wanted’ requests.

The Guardian: Lockdown spirit lives on as neighbour groups become swap shops

It’s a picture mirrored across the country: community connections made in the peak of the pandemic helping to create unofficial swap shops. This sharing culture has exploded since the onset of coronavirus, according to a pre-WhatsApp website dedicated to giving away items for free. Postings on the Freecycle Network, a non-profit platform started in 2003, increased by 50% in June 2020 , its executive director Deron Beal has revealed.