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Herts & Essex Observer: Herts and Essex Observer RECYCLE WEEK What can you find for your garden on Freecycle?

Avid recyclers and reusers will have explored the depths of Freecycle before but we wanted to see what was available for your garden from the website.

The Freecycle Network is another alternative to throwing away, especially for larger items, and offers people the chance to pass on unwanted items to a new loving home – for free!

We take a look what is on offer on Friday, June 26:

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MK NEWS: RECYCLE WEEK: Can you furnish a whole house with items off Milton Keynes Freecycle?

Avid recyclers and reusers will have explored the depths of Freecycle before but we set a challenge to see if a house could be furnished with items from the website.

The Freecycle Network is another alternative to throwing away, especially for larger items, and offers people the chance to pass on unwanted items to a new loving home – for free!

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Santa Rosa Press Democrat: An organized move: Finding free moving boxes

Freecycle – Freecycle is a grassroots organization built on the idea of people in an area giving away stuff for free that they don’t need. The network has gotten extremely large and can be a great place to find stuff, including boxes for moving. You need to sign up first and then post what you are looking for.

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Wicked Local Brookline: Brookline Recycling Corner: The tale of the old stationary bike

The pope is issuing an encyclical about human-caused impacts on the environment. The president tells Coast Guard Academy graduates that climate change is a clear national security issue. Climate Action Brookline chips away at our intransigence. And The Recycling Corner continues to nag.

Solid waste is a big part of the environmental discussion. Thankfully, most residents of Brookline seem to get it, and many do something about it.

In Brookline, this is what “the many” are doing about their old stationary bikes.

Joining the Freecycle network: is a grassroots movement with almost 9 million members who give away their gently used stuff or get others’ gently used stuff for free — all in an effort to keep the aforementioned gently used stuff out of landfills and waste-to-energy plants. Membership is free. Local volunteers monitor the network. Finally giving up that old but in good condition stationary bicycle? Need a stationary bike to help recover from that knee replacement? Maybe can make the match!

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Las Vegas Review-Journal: 31 best websites for free stuff

5. The Freecycle Network

The Freecycle Network is made up of nearly 9 million members worldwide. It is dedicated to enabling members to get and give stuff for free in order to put goods to their most efficient use — and keep usable items out of landfills. This nonprofit describes itself as a “grassroots movement,” and local volunteer moderators help handle network activity to keep exchanges safe and posts accurate. Membership is free.

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Massillon Independent: PROGRESS 2015: Freecycle networks help dole out free stuff

`Freecycle networking connects people from all over the world. It’s a grassroots and nonprofit effort in which people give and receive merchandise for free.

Some say it’s all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills. Each local group is moderated by area volunteers.


There are thousands of locally run, grassroots freecycling groups worldwide. Once you join a local group or start one, posts can be created for items to give away. Here’s how to advertise an item:

• First, you need something to scrap, such as a bike.

• Instead of throwing it away, do an online search and join a local freecycling group. Access a website, such as, to conduct a search.

• Create a new “offer” post that is sent to the group and seen by all of the group members. SAMPLE OFFER: Mountain bike (in Massillon) I have an old blue mountain bike available. It could use some oil and the tires are a bit worn but it’s a great starter bike.

• Group members interested in your bike will contact you privately.

• You choose which person you would like to give the bike to.

• Between you and the selected recipient, a time and place are arranged for picking up the bike.

• The bike is picked up, and you let everyone in your network know that the bike is no longer available by sending a “taken” post.

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The Sandpaper:LBI: Don t Trash It, Freecycle It

Before Craigslist, before even Facebook, there was Freecycle.

The grassroots Freecycle movement began 12 years ago – ancient history, in Internet years – with an email. The email was from founder Deron Beal in Arizona to 30 or 40 recipients, announcing the Freecycle Network as a convenient way for people to exchange desired items at no cost. Now the nonprofit organization comprises millions of members in thousands of groups in 85 countries around the world. Freecycle reports keeping 500 tons a day out of landfills.

Long Beach Island recently has its own group on, thanks to Diana Can of North Beach. Just type the Island ZIP code 08008 into the search bar and click the provided link to the LBI group. With 222 members at press time, the site showed one offer for a blue and white striped sectional couch in Beach Haven Terrace, someone in need of a TV stand for a 42-inch Panasonic plasma TV and one asking for a bicycle basket.

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Everyone has a bunch of junk lying around their house that they have no idea what to do with. Maybe it’s an old iPhone that you were going to try and sell but 3 new iPhones have come along since. Maybe it’s a stack of old textbooks from school. Or maybe it’s an ugly chair that clashes with everything in your living room. Or a broken food processor. Or a…you get the idea.

Deron Beal has set out to solve this problem with his website, which has helped many unwanted items find new homes — 32,000 items a day, to be exact.

“Freecycle’s mission is really to make it easier to give something away than to throw it away,” Deron explains.

With online communities set up all over the world, 9 million members have used Freecycle to breathe new life into things that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. In the past year alone, if you were to pile the items gifted through Freecycle into garbage trucks, it would be 15 times the height of Mt. Everest!

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Essex Chronicle: Wanted, elderly gentleman with size 9 feet: Check out this bizarre Chelmsford freecycle advert

One devoted Freecycle user is on the hunt for a very specific person, as they search for a new home for a pair of slippers.

The ad, posted on ChelmsfordFreecycleUK, includes the headline: Wanted, Elderly Gentleman with Size 9 Feet, and is offering a pair of navy blue slippers to the first willing taker.

The full offer reads: “An odd request but I have a brand new pair of size 9 Marks & Spencer velcro fastening navy blue slippers and I would like to give them to someone locally who could really use them.

“I offered them to a local old people’s home but they weren’t interested so I would like to find someone who would use and appreciate them and maybe is a bit tight on funds.

“Genuine replies only please no traders etc.”

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Benzinga: Try new sites to turn spring cleaning trash into cash, advise e-commerce experts ParcelHero

David adds: ‘Finally, for those feeling virtuous and altruistic following their spring cleaning, sites such as Freecycle are an innovitative way to find unwanted items a home. The Freecycle network has 7 million members across over 85 countries and everything posted must be given away. The site estimates that it is keeping 500 tons a day out of landfills.’

Says David: ‘One common thing to many of these sites is that they lack flexible mailing options, or are set up so that the buyer collects. Often this is not convenient. Courier services such as ParcelHero can pick up items from a seller and deliver directly to the buyer, eliminating much of the hassle.

‘In addition, many sellers are nervous about selling beyond their own country. Offering flexible international mailing boosts the chances of a successful sale enormously.’

Essential advice on shipping eBay items, and for other market place sites, is available on the ParcelHero website.

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