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The Maitland Mercury:The simple act of giving can make such a difference

Gillieston Heights man Paul Clyne is leading by example when it comes to promoting the value of sharing and giving.
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He is the administrator of, a website that allows people to advertise items that they are willing to give away for free to a good home.

During his time with the website, Mr Clyne has repaired and given away about 130 computers to Hunter ­residents who didn’t have the means to go out and buy the latest laptop, gizmo or gadget.

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Foster’s Daily Democrat: Check out

Heloise Hint: What to do with the items that didn’t sell at your garage sale. Check out This site has lots of members (membership is free). You can let members know that you are giving the items away for free. Those interested will come pick them up.

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Scotsman: Cant find it on eBay? Try these online shopping alternatives

For free second-hand goods: Freecycle
With more than nine million users worldwide currently Freecycle is more of a movement than a website. This non-profit organisation’s main aim is to avoid furniture, clothing and other items becoming landfill waste unnecessarily. Nearly six thousand groups (organised by location) can be found by searching the main Freecycle website’s database and users can list anything they no longer need but deem worthy of re-homing for anyone to claim. It’s recycling at its best and – as the name suggests – entirely free.

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145. Freecycle

Freecycle serves as a platform where network of people are giving away their stuff for free in their own town . It is made up of 5252 groups and 8,771,817 people across the world . Each local group has been monitored by local volunteers.

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Morgan Hill Times: Give your stuff another chance during South Countys Second Chance Week

—Freecycle Day Sept. 15: Freecycle helps reduce waste by connecting people who are throwing away unwanted items with others seeking the same items. There are freecycle groups in both Morgan Hill and Gilroy. Visit and click “Join Now” to sign up.

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Londonist: Share To Save Cash In London

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This is Money: I’m thinking about converting my garden shed into a miniature pub – would it add value to my house or put people off?

If you want to find a good deal browse online marketplaces such as eBay. Or, if you want to get hold of some stuff for free, check to see if there is a Freecycle ( group near you.

Freecycle groups are an easy way to find people near you that give (and receive) free stuff.

Someone in your area may be selling furniture, equipment or décor that you would like to have in your ‘pub shed’.

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Daily Record: Home improvements: How to spruce up your home without spending a fortune

Ebay and Gumtree are packed full of used sofas, cabinets and coffee tables that you can snap up for as little as £20. Websites such as Free Cycle also have furniture for free – the only catch is that you often have to collect the items yourself.

Not convinced about used furniture? Most of the big furniture companies also sell ex-display models for a huge discount on the original price. These items are often in great condition and almost good-as-new.

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: If you want to make this kid mosaic project with a group of children, old-style CD cases are just the kind of thing that you could ask for on Freecycle or Facebook; loads of people have junk like that kicking around their houses because they don’t want to trash it. They’d LOVE to pass the responsibility on to you.

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The Southern Reporter: Theres really nothing like a good bit of old-fashioned bartering

I love a good barter. Or a swap. An exchange of services for goods, or goods for goods. Maybe it’s because a good swap almost feels like a freebie.

Recently, I picked up a roll-and-a-half of shed felt – very useful when you have numerous coops and sheds as we do in our wannabe shanty town – from the very lovely Robin, who happens to run a very lovely B&B with his very lovely family.

A few hundred years ago, I put out a plea on the wonderful local Freecycle website, appealing for shed felt. I love Freecycle. I think it’s the ‘free’ part of the word that makes it so appealing.

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