MauiTime Weekly:Freecycle Day At Baldwin High

You don’t need to contribute to our island’s landfill problems just because you have stuff that needs to go. Instead, how about donating all that useless but otherwise still viable hardware to the recycling day at Baldwin High School?

Hammerhead Recycling and Community Work Day Program have hui’d together to coordinate this day of sustainability with several other of the island’s recycling agencies. On Saturday, Feb. 25, bring scrap metal, bicycles, appliances, beverage containers, cooking oil, cellular phones, household batteries, vehicle batteries, laptop batteries, printer cartridges, newspaper, cardboard, telephone books, magazines, plastic grocery bags, used eye glasses, hearing aids, books, reusable paint, clothing and other household items to the high school between 8am and 2pm. You will be rid of these items, and keep them out of the landfill.

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