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Daily News of Newburyport: Beyond the Bin: Spring cleaning, is it a basement or black hole?

Garages, sheds and basements are tricksters. They masquerade as benevolent storage areas, but if you’re not vigilant, they can quickly morph into black holes full of things you don’t want, don’t use or would rather forget about.

Spring is the perfect time to reclaim your turf. Here’s a field guide to common black-hole clutter and how to responsibly rehome or recycle just about all of it:

Nonfunctioning appliances, power tools and outdoor maintenance equipment: If they’re fixable (just not by you), list them with one of our many local online recycling communities (Yahoo Freecycle Newburyport, Nextdoor Newburyport, Newburyport Curb Alert on Facebook) with an honest description of their condition.

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The Daily News of Newburyport:Beyond the Bin: A fresh take on spring cleaning

What about your less-than-perfect or more unusual items that still have plenty of useful life left (just preferably at someone else’s house)? Freecycle Newburyport is a long-established online community where you can list all your unwanted items with an excellent chance that a fellow member will gladly take them off your hands. You can even list items that are partially used or in need of minor repair. (Remember that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.) For Freecycle signup:

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WEWUNIK: ‘Kind’ cycle a web boom – Albany Times Union

Michelle and

Justin Atenzon, 6, and Michelle Atenzon, 9, with a mannequin ship their household obtained from Freecycle, an internet neighborhood that curbs environmental waste by recycling outdated gadgets inside communities somewhat than sending them to landfills. much less
Justin Atenzon, 6, and Michelle Atenzon, 9, with a mannequin ship their household obtained from Freecycle, an internet neighborhood that curbs environmental waste by recycling outdated gadgets inside communities somewhat than sending … extra


Supply No. 5823548 had all of the cadence and intrigue of a Hemingway quick story: “Cookie press. Model new by no means used,” the topic line learn.

The true story, much less so: Consumer mk0120 simply did not need the factor, and had no space for storing or spritz cookies cravings. It was gone the subsequent day, directions included.

The provide, posted to Albany’s on-line Freecycle neighborhood, is one in all a whole bunch of native day by day giveaways that comprise the rising so-called “present economic system.” The Freecycle Community, based in Arizona in 2003 and lately has unfold by way of the Capital Area, challenges members to desert the standard quid-pro-quo economic system in favor of environmental and social altruism.

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Greenfield Daily Reporter: Column: Recycling

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Boston Globe: Moving boxes come full circle

In August 2014, we moved from the Washington, D.C., area to Somerville. After we unpacked, we gave away the surviving boxes on Freecycle.

Fast-forward to our next move, in December 2015. “Wanted: larger moving boxes” we posted on Freecycle. The next day, we were picking up half a dozen boxes from a nearby porch.

One of them had our handwriting on it: It was a box we’d used to move up here, reused at least twice in the interim. What goes around comes around.

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Chicago Blog: Freecycle- The Do’s and Don’ts

Here is my advice to you when using Freecycle:

DO-Respond to any emails you receive from the person with the stuff immediately.

DO-Do make sure you are able to pick it up in a timely manner. No one wants to warehouse things.

DO-If possible ask if they can leave in on their porch or entry way for you to retrieve.

Don’t- Don’t waste peoples time.

Don’t-Go back and forth trying to figure out how to retrieve the item. Have your ducks in a row before you ask for the item.

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Foster’s Daily Democrat: Check out

Heloise Hint: What to do with the items that didn’t sell at your garage sale. Check out This site has lots of members (membership is free). You can let members know that you are giving the items away for free. Those interested will come pick them up.

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Wicked Local Brookline: Brookline Recycling Corner: The tale of the old stationary bike

The pope is issuing an encyclical about human-caused impacts on the environment. The president tells Coast Guard Academy graduates that climate change is a clear national security issue. Climate Action Brookline chips away at our intransigence. And The Recycling Corner continues to nag.

Solid waste is a big part of the environmental discussion. Thankfully, most residents of Brookline seem to get it, and many do something about it.

In Brookline, this is what “the many” are doing about their old stationary bikes.

Joining the Freecycle network: is a grassroots movement with almost 9 million members who give away their gently used stuff or get others’ gently used stuff for free — all in an effort to keep the aforementioned gently used stuff out of landfills and waste-to-energy plants. Membership is free. Local volunteers monitor the network. Finally giving up that old but in good condition stationary bicycle? Need a stationary bike to help recover from that knee replacement? Maybe can make the match!

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The Sandpaper:LBI: Don t Trash It, Freecycle It

Before Craigslist, before even Facebook, there was Freecycle.

The grassroots Freecycle movement began 12 years ago – ancient history, in Internet years – with an email. The email was from founder Deron Beal in Arizona to 30 or 40 recipients, announcing the Freecycle Network as a convenient way for people to exchange desired items at no cost. Now the nonprofit organization comprises millions of members in thousands of groups in 85 countries around the world. Freecycle reports keeping 500 tons a day out of landfills.

Long Beach Island recently has its own group on, thanks to Diana Can of North Beach. Just type the Island ZIP code 08008 into the search bar and click the provided link to the LBI group. With 222 members at press time, the site showed one offer for a blue and white striped sectional couch in Beach Haven Terrace, someone in need of a TV stand for a 42-inch Panasonic plasma TV and one asking for a bicycle basket.

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Providence Media: 10 Ways to Get Rid of Clutter

8. Pay It Forward
Freecycle’s mission is to “keep good stuff out of the landfills.” With a few chapters available in Rhode Island, members post what they are offering for free, and what they’re searching for.

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