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Netweather:How to Be a Thrifty Gardener: 10 Tips for Gardening During Lockdown

7. Arrange Seed and Plant Swaps

Sharing is caring as they say and arranging seed and plant swaps is a great way to expand and diversify your plant stocks whilst supporting fellow gardeners. Whilst in-person gatherings are currently off-limits, you can take it online. You can use existing sites like freecycle and local community pages on social media or set up a new group dedicated to local plant swaps where members can post their plant requests and offers. And of course, you can keep it simple, doing a few swaps with friends and neighbours, collecting or delivering as part of your daily exercise.

The Sydney Morning Herald: How to get rid of unwanted objects without being crushed by landfill guilt

Freecycle lets people give away and get stuff for free. As with many unexpected wonders in life, its main benefit is the one you’re not expecting: not the possibility of acquiring more things, but the chance to end up with less. In this time of corona-fuelled home-office creation, I’ve given away three rickety Ikea bookshelves, assorted pieces of white melamine, and a brand-new curtain rail that doesn’t fit a single window in our house.

About Manchester: Furniture upcycling firm open for business

Jessica Lewis-Tatton, who is originally from Nottingham, completed a degree in Fashion Design in 2017 and has now launched her business 237interiors.

The business specialises in reupholstering chairs and other small furnishings with bespoke prints using sustainably sourced yarn.

Jess said: “I’ve always enjoyed knitting and crochet and at first I just wanted to do something for my own home. When I saw the end product, I realised it was something other people might be interested in.”

She added: “I use yarns that are sustainably sourced. There is a yarn shop in Bury that sources yarns from factories that will just go onto landfill. I also use GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified cotton yarn.

“I work with the customer directly to design a print that is bespoke to them and in the colours that matches their house.”

Jess hopes that by providing an opportunity for people to purchase bespoke reupholstered furniture it will encourage people to be more sustainable with the furniture choices.

She added: “I furnished my flat with all second-hand furniture. I managed to find a brand-new mirror by the bins and it just made me think about how I can help encourage other people to buy sustainably for their home, considering that so much goes to landfill each year.

“People can bring pieces that they’ve found to me, or I get the furniture from freecycle or Gum Tree. It saves things from ending up in the bin and ultimately going to landfill.”

Scottish Sun: Savvy shopper turns £30 shelving unit into stunning drinks bar with just a bit of paint

Freecycle: As the name suggests, everything listed on this website is completely free – the idea being that sellers want to find new homes for their unwanted goods. It stocks everything from furniture to clothes but you must live near the seller so you can pick the item up.

The Sun: Turn over a new leaf next year with these 20 eco-friendly resolutions to make

Here, I reveal how we can cause less waste, less pollution — and save money at the same time.
1) Learn to sail past the sales: We all want to bag a bargain in the New Year sales. There might be some-thing you’ve had your eye on for months. But think first. Do you really need it? If you do, check that you can’t get it on a “pre-loved” website even cheaper first — look at, and It all comes down to TV nature guru David Attenborough’s top tip: Stop wasting stuff.

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The Comet: Letchworth community allotment planned to help families go green

TTL has also been backed by the Letchworth Heritage Foundation, which has provided a grant to fund a small shed, tools and raised beds. The project team are using freecycle – a non-profit network of reusable goods within local communities – and are asking for any unwanted garden tools in a bid to keep as low a carbon footprint as possible.

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Northwest Herald: Guidry: Reduce e-waste by selling, donating, recycling old electronics

Many computer manufacturers and stores provide trade-in programs. Some, such as Apple, even might offer gift cards depending on the value of the device. You also can sell your electronics via sites such as Craigslist, eBay or Facebook Marketplace, as well as offer them for free on FreeCycle.

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Motley Fool: 7 Ways to Be Generous Without Spending More

1. Donate extra belongings
Money isn’t the only way to donate to a good cause. You can also donate any belongings you’re not using, such as clothing, books, furniture, toys, appliances, or electronics. In addition to helping others, this is a great way to declutter the house.

Where you take your donations will depend on what you’re donating, but the local thrift store will work for most goods. With books, another option is the library. And if you prefer to do it all online, you can list your items through Freecycle or on the free section of Craigslist.

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Republic World: Home Decor: How To Decorate Room With Limited Budget? | Know The Best Possible Ways

Shop second-hand
When you want something different in your house, and you wish to buy in a low budget, then you can opt for second-hand shopping. If you want to buy something, it does not have to be brand new. There are places where you will find your desired furniture or any other home amenities in second- hand shops. There are different stores for second-hand furniture. One of the best options is a Thrift shop. These shops offer home décor and accessories. You will find items like lamps, glassware, and artwork for your house. Freecycle is a network of social groups around the world where people can transfer their unwanted stuff for others who want to use it.

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Irish Times: Time for a home clear-out . . . baby on the move

Also in the line for the charity shop or for friends were the items we thought we’d never get through. We no longer need a Moses basket, or the co-sleeper, or the newborn bath inset, or the bottle steriliser, or the musical chair that kept her mildly entertained during a frantic shower, or a feverish bout of housework. No, Madam is on the go now; she’s approaching wobbler status and is outgrowing baby stuff quicker than we can add it to the Freecycle Network.

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