Post by Category : Fun Things Where do people give away the most free stuff on Freecycle?

Here’s where people give the most away

Congratulations if you live in Southwark, Basingstoke or Newbury – you’re surrounded with some really generous people! According to our data, these are the top three areas when it comes to giving, with almost all Freecycle listings being offers of free stuff.

In London’s Southwark, nearly nine out of every 10 items mentioned were being given away. Milton Keynes saw around two-thirds of items on the listings website offered free to a good home.

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Hungry? You need to get on Hackney Freecycle quick-sharp and respond to yesterday’s incredible advert where some kind folks in E5 announced they are giving away 200 bananas after their ‘banana crazy housemate’ went on holiday.

We’ve got so many questions about this: does this person really get through 200 bananas a week ? Do they buy them wholesale? How do they eat them all? Have they ever had potassium poisoning? Where do they store them? Do they have to be Fairtrade? What are they doing in Hungary?!

We don’t have the answers but we might pick up some to make a banana bread loaf, or 12.

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Salisbury Journal: St Mark’s project to raise funds for garden shed

“We’ve been given seeds, tools and compost by our local SCATS store and members of the public have donated tools and equipment through Freecycle.

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DIY 12 Creative Headboards

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to headboards: Old doors, windows and other unexpected items can all make fantastic backdrops for your bed. Take a look at these inventive headboards to get ideas for your own bedroom.

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Make Craft: DIY Boot Birdhouse

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BHG.Com: Create Savvy Storage by Repurposing

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