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The Barrie Advance: Free stuff available at recycling event

MIDLAND – Freecycle Midland will once again host an event to get people to utilize the three Rs.
Participants in the second annual Freecycle Trunk Exchange are people who want to recycle items – a chair, a fax machine, a piano, an old door – rather than see them end up in a landfill.
Visitors to the event browse the merchandise and take home whatever they like free of charge.
The event is scheduled for Oct. 22 from 8:30 a.m. to noon in the parking lot at Georgian College’s Robbert Hartog Midland campus.

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The Barrie Advance: Too Much Stuff

WASAGA BEACH – Zero Waste Simcoe is hosting a Too Much Stuff public meeting on Thursday, Sept. 22 when Ronnie Stanley from Freecycle Midland will speak about the international re-use movement.

Inspired by the Story of Stuff, Stanley is an expert on re-use, having recycled houses, cars, clothes, furniture and gifts. Stanley’s presentation will provide background on her group’s philosophy of saving the earth one gift at a time and highlight activities of the International Freecycle organization.

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Kawartha Media Group: Repair job update

Luckily, my husband had scored a couple of boxes of scraps and nasty fabrics from in July so I dug into it. Coincidentally, it had pieces of cotton from the same era as the quilt. I was in luck.

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NG News: Cleanup idea keeps up with the times

There are other methods to achieve this purpose. Many will be familiar with the online Freecycle site people can join to announce something they want to give away or to watch for items they need. It can even be amusing at times with requests for items – usually for minor, inexpensive things, but also big stuff: a car in good working order would not be a stretch.

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Sault this Week: Few understand environmental cost of electronics habit

These electronics need to be reduced, reused and recycled. Reduced is self-explanatory — buy fewer. Reuse means we can give away or sell unwanted electronics to friends, family or use local advertising platforms such as the Sault’s Freecycle network.

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Calgary Herald: Green fitness gear

*Recycling Your Fitness Gear

If you plan to switch to green fitness equipment, be sure to recycle your current equipment. At The Freecycle Network’s website (, you can list your gear and trade for other items, or you can donate your gear to a community centre. Gyms often collect your used yoga mats and sports sneakers, bringing them to specialty recycling centers that may turn those items into playground equipment, gym mats or other goods to promote a healthier lifestyle for all.

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Anyone looking to continue the reuse trend beyond the first weekend of April can also check out The Freecycle Network. The online site allows communities all over the world to network with their neighbours in the constant search for an item that one person needs and another wants to throw away.

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Globe & Mail: Second-hand year, first-hand values

There’s just so many resources out there. There’s Kijiji, there’s Freecycle, your friends are wanting to get rid of stuff, and people are constantly upgrading their own stuff, and it’s amazing the quality of goods you can get second-hand and not feel like you’re living a second-hand life.

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Ubyssey Online: A Week in the Life: $ Hoarder

My inbox is full of messages from Vancouver Freecycle, and I can’t help but look at what I could get for free each day. I think oatmeal is a great meal for any circumstance, as is peanut butter. I’m not afraid to ask McDonalds locations, one by one, if they will extend their free coffee promotion, which ended two weeks ago. I buy food, coffee and entertainment impulsively, as though I’ve been unable to spend for the past decade.

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Kings County Advertiser: Freecycle Kings: more than something for nothing

Kings County Advertiser/Register

Ever dreamed about getting something for nothing? Well, Freecycle Kings makes free things happen.

The Freecycle Network is a grassroots, non-profit community gifting movement that promotes reuse through local gifting among members. Goods exchanged could include computer equipment, electrical appliances, leftover building supplies, furniture and other household goods.

There are already 917 members in Kings County, and they post an average of eight free items every day.

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