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The Canberra Times: Five ways to properly dispose of old furniture

3. Give it away. An alternative to donating old furniture is giving it away. Freecycle is an online non-profit organisation where users can post items they no longer use for collection, in addition to requesting things they need. Made up of more than 5000 local town groups with over nine million members worldwide, Freecycle can breathe new life into your furniture.

The Sydney Morning Herald: How to get rid of unwanted objects without being crushed by landfill guilt

Freecycle lets people give away and get stuff for free. As with many unexpected wonders in life, its main benefit is the one you’re not expecting: not the possibility of acquiring more things, but the chance to end up with less. In this time of corona-fuelled home-office creation, I’ve given away three rickety Ikea bookshelves, assorted pieces of white melamine, and a brand-new curtain rail that doesn’t fit a single window in our house. Free living is a modern way to save as Aussies ditch consumerism

As family budgets bite, used goods platforms such as Facebook Buy Swap and Sell groups, Facebook Pay it Forward pages, Gumtree and Freecycle are becoming increasingly popular.

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Indian Link: Recycled garden: Jugaad in action

Sources of materials are op shops such as Salvos and Vinnies, free stuff picked up from friends, kerbside clean-ups and listed on websites such as Gumtree, Freecycle and Zilch. As they say, one man’s trash is another’s treasure. You can also get unique pieces for your garden at bargain prices on ebay.

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The Maitland Mercury:The simple act of giving can make such a difference

Gillieston Heights man Paul Clyne is leading by example when it comes to promoting the value of sharing and giving.
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He is the administrator of, a website that allows people to advertise items that they are willing to give away for free to a good home.

During his time with the website, Mr Clyne has repaired and given away about 130 computers to Hunter ­residents who didn’t have the means to go out and buy the latest laptop, gizmo or gadget.

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Fraser Coast Chronicle:Hervey Bay Mum Giving away Christmas Hampers via Freecycle

A Hervey Bay Mum of three had her facebook messenger feed in overload when she posted she was giving away $300 worth of groceries.

Melissa Wilkin’s posted on Facebook’s Freecycle Maryborough Hervey Bay QLD she was giving away $300 worth of food, in the lead up to Christmas, to a family in need.

Within a minute there were responses to her post.

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Gladstone Observer:Life a little easier for girl in wheelchair thanks to help

THANKS to the kindness of a CQ Frames and Trusses employee, and Facebook, Joanne Mison will experience a little less back strain from now on.

Joanne’s seven-year-old daughter Kassidy Ashworth has cerebral palsy so uses a wheelchair.

Suffering from a spinal infection, Joanne had difficulty lifting the wheelchair over the step at the front door of their home.

On Saturday, February 1, Joanne created a post on the Facebook page Freecycle Gladstone.

The page allows group members to post items they no longer want or need, for another group member to take off their hands.

Members also make posts regarding items they need for projects.

Joanne asked for ideas on how to make a ramp at the front door to give easier access for Kassidy’s wheelchair.

CQ Frames and Trusses hardware manager Darrin Bradbury offered his assistance for the task by supplying the timber and handiwork.

“It’s just a small part of our material and a friend (Wayne Price) came to help and fit it too,” Darrin said.

Joanne said she had not been expecting the help she received.

“I’m doing the biggest clean-out of the house at the moment, which is the only reason I’m on the group (Freecycle Gladstone),” she said.

“Darrin’s response was a bit of a shock to me.”

Darrin said he was happy to help.

“As long as it can make Joanne and Kass’ life a little easier, it’s put a smile on my face,” he said.

Darrin and Wayne spent more than an hour last Wednesday morning building and fitting the ramp.

“The majority of things you do these days cost money, so I am very thankful,” Joanne said.

Darrin said it was a pleasure to be there when Kassidy arrived home from school, to see the difference he and Wayne had made.

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The Sydney Morning Herald: Freecycle changes the adage: Just as good to give as to receive

‘I only own four items in this whole apartment,” Galina Globug said.

Ms Globug is one of 6.6 million people worldwide who give – and receive – unwanted things in a global environmental initiative called Freecycle. Its motto: ”changing the world, one gift at a time”.

Her eastern suburbs flat contains a bed, a wardrobe, a barbecue, a fridge, a dryer, a dresser, a gas heater, a cheese stand and a kitchen table. All were given to her for free.

”Oh, and a 40-inch TV,” the university student said.
”It’s pretty nifty. If people have stuff they don’t want it’s better than throwing it in the dump. It’s like recycling it back to the community.”

In return, Ms Globug recently offered some small plastic pots and glass jars to her Freecycle community.

The co-ordinator of one Freecycle group in Sydney, Tracy Getts, says as long as the goods – whether a bike, bubble wrap or a bed – are free, legal and suitable for all ages, they can be traded on the site for no cost. There are also no rules in how much people can take, compared to what they give, she said.

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Central Freecycle Gladstone is a positive place to get creative

THE saying one man’s trash, is another man’s treasure rings true for Facebook group Freecycle Gladstone.

Robin MacDonald has been one of the admins of the Facebook group for the past year, and since he signed up about 2000 more people joined.

Members of the group post their unwanted items for others to use.

“It helps people get rid of items they can’t get rid of themselves.”

Their old-fashioned values and strict rules of the use of please and thank you have resulted in a positive and friendly Facebook group.

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The West Australian: Stock exchange the growing way to change

Louise King runs the Freecycling Perth website, which has more than 8000 members who give away goods they no longer want, no strings attached. “My whole yard is paved with pavers from Freecycle,” Mrs King said.

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