Posts by Author Maven Moment: Unwanted Toys

    When possible, reuse is even better than recycling. If the toys are still in good condition, passing them along to a younger child or offering them on Freecycle are good options. If they’re like-new or collectibles, selling them on Craig’s List or eBay is an option. Even items that aren’t in the best shape may attract a buyer; I saw a “Drowsy Doll” like I used to have on eBay — it sure brought back memories!

    The Wall Street Journal: Free Stuff Is All Over Craigslist and Facebook, and It’s Getting Weirder

      Those not tempted by a cracked bowling ball might consider the myriad other items offered for free on websites including Craigslist, Facebook and Freecycle. Recent offerings include bathing dust for chinchillas, 23 empty beer bottles, a barrel of used soybean oil, five single-serving packets of Arby’s sauce and a Mongolian-language version of the Book of Mormon.

      marieclaire: ¿Qué es el freecycle o arte de no comprar nada?

        ¿Cómo unirte al Freecycle?

        Lo más importante es encontrar un grupo que se ajuste a tu ubicación o al tipo de artículo que buscás – muebles, herramientas, ropa, accesorios, etc– Podés hacer una búsqueda por Facebook o consultar la web

        WCPO: Used appliances not a great solution to the appliance shortage

          Mom buys used for big savings

          Stephanie Holley found a home for her and her children.

          With little money left, she began looking for used appliances.

          “I actually posted an ad in the Freecycle network and got a free stove,” she said.

 These Are the Best Places To Donate Your Gently-Used Furniture and Household Items


            Freecycle is an online recycling and reuse network that focuses on keeping useable home items out of landfills. By joining a local chapter in your area, you can list your stuff online for others in your community to take. All items listed on Freecycle are free with no strings attached. The network strives to reducewaste and saves precious resources.



              Of course, Ventura County’s productive soil and sunny climate sometimes result in an excess of food produced by diligent gardeners. Avoid food waste of this type by giving excess to neighbors and friends. To give away food while social distancing, put a box of your excess produce on your curbside with a sign saying “Free,” or list it for free curbside pickup on, the Ventura County Free Barter and Trade Facebook group, or the free section of Craigslist. For especially large harvests, contact Food Forward or FOOD Share, which glean for the hungry.  

     Maven Moment: Rosary Beads and Prayer Cards

                A quick web search and I learned that there are missions and organizations requesting donations of rosariesreligious medals, and statues. I could also list these items on Craigslist or Freecycle. Maybe someone collects ornate rosary beads or is devoted to a particular Saint.

                Editorials360: HOW TO RECYCLE YOUR PREVIOUS COOKWARE

                  Can Your Cookware Be Reused?

                  If you must get rid of pots and pans, the primary choice to contemplate is reuse. Websites like Craigslist and Freecycle are good choices for locating your cookware a brand new house, as are secondhand shops like Goodwill and Salvation Military. A couple of scratches or dings could matter to you, however that doesn’t make your pots and pans unusable.

                  Morning Star Online: How to guard your vegetables over winter

                    I wrap each fruit in newspaper, so that if one goes rotten it doesn’t quickly infect its neighbours and place them on shelves.

                    You can often find redundant fridges on Freecycle, or just by asking for one on social media.


                    The Herald:The Diary: True Gritter on the M77

                     Engaging offer THE Freecycle website allows people to give their goods away, without charge, to those who want them. Gilbert MacKay from Newton Mearns wonders if there is a poignant backstory explaining the site’s latest offering: Engagement gifts… 2 mugs.