About Manchester: Furniture upcycling firm open for business

Jessica Lewis-Tatton, who is originally from Nottingham, completed a degree in Fashion Design in 2017 and has now launched her business 237interiors.

The business specialises in reupholstering chairs and other small furnishings with bespoke prints using sustainably sourced yarn.

Jess said: “I’ve always enjoyed knitting and crochet and at first I just wanted to do something for my own home. When I saw the end product, I realised it was something other people might be interested in.”

She added: “I use yarns that are sustainably sourced. There is a yarn shop in Bury that sources yarns from factories that will just go onto landfill. I also use GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified cotton yarn.

“I work with the customer directly to design a print that is bespoke to them and in the colours that matches their house.”

Jess hopes that by providing an opportunity for people to purchase bespoke reupholstered furniture it will encourage people to be more sustainable with the furniture choices.

She added: “I furnished my flat with all second-hand furniture. I managed to find a brand-new mirror by the bins and it just made me think about how I can help encourage other people to buy sustainably for their home, considering that so much goes to landfill each year.

“People can bring pieces that they’ve found to me, or I get the furniture from freecycle or Gum Tree. It saves things from ending up in the bin and ultimately going to landfill.”


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