Arizona Daily Star: Freecycle Post-Holiday Swap is a good place to exchange useful items

“This event is very helpful for people. One one hand, it is a great way to clean out the house and bring unwanted, reusable goods that are stuck in houses and transfer them to others who can use them. At the same time, it’s part of the cycle of giving and helping the environment,” said Graciela Robinson, coordinator of the event for the Woods Memorial Library.

The swap is one of two held annually at the library in conjunction with Freecyle, a Tucson-based nonprofit on a mission to “change the world one gift at a time.”

Founded by Deron Beal in 2003, the organization is now the largest recycle and re-use web community worldwide, with more than 5,000 groups comprised of more than 9 million members in 100-plus countries.

Beal said offers a free venue where members can give items they have and don’t need and receive items they need and don’t have.

“It is like Craigslist for free, with a healthy dose of community thrown in,” he said.

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