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Wales247: How to kit out your first home together without breaking the bank

See what you can get for free

For most people, moving to a new house means having to get rid of a few things, and pieces of furniture gradually get replaced by better quality items over the years. That means if you ask around, you will almost always be able to find useful items that people are happy to give you for nothing – everything from sofas to kitchenware to carpets. If your family and friends can’t help, try Freecycle. Many charity shops also deal in low-cost furniture and homewares, even if they don’t have them on display. Remember that as long as what you get is still in sturdy condition, you can usually cover up superficial damage at a trivial cost.

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Morning Star Online: How to guard your vegetables over winter

I wrap each fruit in newspaper, so that if one goes rotten it doesn’t quickly infect its neighbours and place them on shelves.

You can often find redundant fridges on Freecycle, or just by asking for one on social media.

The Herald:The Diary: True Gritter on the M77

 Engaging offer THE Freecycle website allows people to give their goods away, without charge, to those who want them. Gilbert MacKay from Newton Mearns wonders if there is a poignant backstory explaining the site’s latest offering: Engagement gifts… 2 mugs. you visit Coventry tip whilst in tier 3

More information about the tip can be found on the Coventry Council website. The advise is to consider whether an item could be reused by others, promoted on the freecycle or taken to a charity shop before bringing it to the Coventry tip. With current Covid restrictions in place however seeking alternatives may be difficult and demand at the local tip may increase.

Which: Ikea will buy back your furniture from Black Friday

Look out for non-profit or local neighbourhood groups online such as Freecycle – these are good places to sell, swap or give your pre-loved items. Other organisations, such as Furniture Donation Network, will directly give your items to someone in need.

The Times: Can I recycle my duvet?

Belfast Telegraph: Good egg: Fermanagh woman Diana’s rescue hens rule the roost

The keen environmentalist is the founder of Fermanagh Freecycle and her hens have taken over her life as they roam freely around her home.

She was recently involved in another rescue mission around Lisbellaw after one of her hens went missing for 10 hours, although it later turned up unscathed.

Property Reporter

3. Use paint in creative ways

When working with a tight budget, it’s a good idea to colour match designer paints. You can often find the tester pots on Gumtree or Freecycle.

You don’t even have to paint an entire room to make a drastic change, especially as this can be quite a big job.

Keighley News

Keighley News

“Good-quality unwanted items can be taken to a local charity shop or furniture recycling projects, which are starting to open again. You can also post them on internet sites such as Freecycle or Gumtree.”

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Before heading to the shops to buy a bike or paddling pool, search the website Freecycle ( 

Enter your local area and see what is up for grabs. Try Facebook Marketplace, too.