Subject: Making posts with photos

Some members are experiencing an issue when making posts with photos. We do know that the vast majority of posts made with images– particularly those with just one image– tend to go through. Our best advice at this time is to keep trying. If your post appears without photos try editing the post to add one or more photos.

We want you to know that resolving this issue is our technical teams top priority. It is a challenging issue to nail down as it as it is not occurring with all members or at all times with each member. Please know that we are focusing on fixing this but, frankly, we don’t know when it will be fixed. As a charitable nonprofit with one engineer we all have to do what we can to “protect the quarterback” so he can keep focusing on the most urgent issues. With over 85 servers on various continents and nearly 11 million members and about a thousand ton(ne)s daily of items being posted there are a lot of moving parts, to say the least. Special thanks to our system administrator who is putting in a lot of time on this.

We truly appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this issue.

Deron Beal
Freecycle Executive Director

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