Nigeria This Week: Trashing old books, photographs a real shame

Then there’s the theory that for every new thing that comes into the house, one has to go out. I even read recently that we could improve on that by getting rid of two items for every new one. Imagine the impact Christmas could make on that. No, I think you just have to be more discriminating in your purchases, and get rid of the things you no longer like or use. If you have a collection of salt-and-pepper shakers that no longer makes your heart flutter with joy, don’t hang on to it and resent it. Open an Ebay account and sell it to collectors who will appreciate it. Or, if you’re not interested in making money from it, join Grimsbyfreecycle online and give your stuff away. Freecycle is designed for the exchange or donation of goods that are still too usable to take up room in the landfill, and can be useful to someone else. Go to the website or e-mail

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